How do I make Yahoo my default search engine?

When I type a search in the address box in IE 6 (windows XP pro) it makes the search on “MSN Live” and gives terrible results. I would like to make Yahoo or Google my default search page BUT I do NOT want to make Yahoo or Google my home page or install a tool bar. All I want to do is be able to type…

I think I installed the google toolbar
there I thiiink there is an option for seting google as your default search engine
After that, I got rid of that hideous tooolbar, and I just type in the address bar-

Just checked!
yes, that’s how I did it
, when you start to install the toolbar there is a ckeckbox that says “use google as my predetermined websearch” or something like that. Check that
install the bar
and then get rid of it. (uninstall)

Open IE and click on View | Explorer Bar | Search. This opens a side panel for searches. If your side panel has the animated search character, select Change Preferences and then select Change Internet Search Behavior. A list of popular search engines appears, and you can select your favorite from the list.

Most of the time when I download a freebie software, I get all these options to change my default browser, homepage, and eventually adds a toolbar I didn’t ask for. I have found that Toolbar Cleaner helps. ( ) What it does is basically remove all unwanted toolbars thus removing their search engine and replacing it with your default. It was worth a try for me, maybe it will work for you.

Upgrade to IE7 RC1. Select the default search engine of your choice during install. If you miss that opportunity you can always change your preference from within the options panel. Click on the link below to learn more about, and download, IE7 RC1…

In Internet Explorer , you go to internet options and it will say general and home page. The homepage is the page you start off with when you get on the internet . I don’t know how to do it any other way.

Click on tools at the top of the screen, go internet options and set yahoo as your main page.

Set yahoo as your homepage
Set homepage

google rocks yahoo man.

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