How do you deal when your parents favor your siblings more? Please help?

I am the middle child, female, 19. I have an older brother who is 25 and lives in a different city an hour away with his fiancee. He has anger issues and used to hit his fiancee when they lived with us which was a few months ago. Neither of them have a degree but he is currently pursuing one at ITT Tech. My dad…

It’s cause your parents think the other two need them more. I’m one of three kids too only I’m the youngest. Being one of three really is the worst because you feel like the spare.Your parents do love you, they just don’t think you need them as much as the others do. Think of it as a compliment because they probably think you’ll be happier and more successful than the other two.

Hey I know what you’re talking about.

You may never satisfy your parents. You are doing great, though, all things considered. You may have this need for their approval for as long as they are alive, and never get it. I’ve heard of that happening (unfortunately) sometimes.

I had a similar situation, and feel sometimes that my brother’s one son has been favored over my 11 children. I have learned to lavish my love on my children, and praise them for good things, and try make them each feel like they are my favorite.

Develop your relationship with Jesus. Go to a pentacostal church and surround yourself with Christian friends. Jesus will satisfy what your parents can’t.

Well the really don’t “favor” ur older bro but are just are concerned I mean I would he hits ppl :O and ur sis it’s cuz she the smallest u should be glad with ur life noe I mean you getting married!!

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