How long should I wait to get pregnant after 10 years of taking birth control pills?

I was on the pill for 10 years and stopped taking them 2 weeks ago. My hubby and I would like to start trying in a couple of months for a baby. Would the pills be out of my system so they wouldn’t harm the baby? How long does it generally take safely? Thanks in advance for any accurate help!

Well I was on birth control for 7yrs and finished my pack at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb, had my period 8 Feb and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant on 8 March. Needless to say, I got pregnant right away. I have heard that you should wait atleast 3 months, but what about the women who actually get pregnant while on the pill? My husband who is 25 has a 13yr old half brother and an 8 yr old half sister, because his step mom got pregnant with both while on birth control and both of those kids are perfectly normal.

My doctor recommended waiting at least 3 months after being off the pill. I was on it for almost 6 years and it only took 2 tries after those 3 months were up. One of the girls I worked with stopped after 5 years and got pregnant the first two weeks after stoping. She ended up having a misscariage at 8 weeks though. She did get pregnat again after 3 months of her first try. Good luck

Duration of bcp use doesn’t affect the answer.
The answer is 3 months.
Even so, there is no medical evidence that getting pregnant sooner would cause harm, but they just recommend the three months to be on the safe side.
TAKE FOLATE NOW preconception will prevent neural tube defects. In fact, go ahead and take an entire maternity vitamin.

Your supposed to wait 3 months and just use protection during that time so all the hormone from the pill gets out of your system, and your system starts creating it’s own hormones etc.
Good luck!!!
Toni Lynne

My dr always told me for 3 months after I stopped taking the pill to use another form of protection to give my body time to get the hormones and stuff out of my body.

Wait at least two and a half months to three months and eat healthy, also talk to your health care provider so you can be given prenatal vitamins and your body will have a good start once it is time to get pregnant.

i have heard a lot of different respsones for this….

1. it doesn’t matter, you could get pregnant right away

2. and I have also heard that you should wait at least 3 months.

I think you should just give your doc a call, or maybe even just your local pharmacy and ask them.

good luck in ttc!!!!

Just to be on the safe side I would wait a few months, better safe than sorry. 🙂

I’ve known of a few couples that had to “practice” for up to a year!

i think it takes about a month for your natural fertility to go back to normal.

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