How would you describe your experience in R&S since you began Yahoo Answers?

I am approaching a three year anniversary here & wonder how others perceive their time on R&S.
For me, it’s certainly had it’s ups & downs, but the positive has far outweighed the negative, & any negative I experienced always made me take a closer look at myself.
What has your experience been?
Do you…



Me 2.5 years ago: Emo wannabe metalhead tween who was out to prove christians wrong. Me 2.5 years later: ^_^

This place has ironically showed me what life is all about, even though I now have no “life” as I previously thought about ‘having a life’ and really should be quite miserable! Funny how things work out. Had I not gone on Y!A that one fateful day to ask about some random thing I might actually have killed myself by now! Was constantly thinking about suicide back then, seems like another lifetime ago…

wow, tough for you picking BA. I had a tear reading these answers.

If one word describes it: Intense.

My kids ask me a question while I’m in the middle of typing something, they pause and say: “You’re ignoring me again.”

I’ll say: “No, I’m not, I am, aren’t I?”

Then I’ll stop what I’m doing and look up and we’ll be smiling at each other.

These are halcyon days.

I change every day….I wish I could have kept a diary….and yet, I feel unchanged, strengthened, recharged….I still feel like me. I know that in the end, there is nothing just one person can do to change the world: that is an illusion. Change comes about because we grow and mature, and we remember the mistakes we made.

My daughter told me this the other day: Humans are different from animals, not because we have bigger brains, nor because we are self-aware, but because we are aware that we are self-aware.

Thought I’d share that insight with you.

What motivated me in the beginning? The worry that crazy Christians are pushing people away from the one thing that may help them out. They drove ME crazy, and I had to set it straight.

Learning and teaching are two different things. Everyone learns. It can be a horrifying thing. But not everyone can teach. A bad teacher is 10Xs worse than a bad learner.

Great question, my new friend.

The very first question (yeah, I’ve only asked four so I’m not very exciting) related to my initial impression of R&S. If one does not pay careful attention, it might appear that this place is overrun with Christians declaring with glee that atheists will burn in hell and conversely with atheists claiming that anyone with an IQ higher than that of turnip must be an atheist. What I soon realized is that it is not safe to assume that everyone who claims to be a Christian is one nor is everyone who claims to be an atheist one; many people “pose” as people on the other side of the debate in an attempt to make that other side look foolish. I’ve also learned not to take most of what goes on here too seriously and to keep my skin thick.

I’ve changed to the extent that my encounters with the many atheists here taught me that MOST are genuinely seeking answers. They might not have reached the same conclusions as I have but they are on their own journey to truth.

I came here in July 2008 when I Googled something for a lesson I was preparing and the first hit was a posting from Y!A R&S. I would say that my motivation has changed to the extent that I now come here several times a week with the understanding that I’m likely going to be offended by some of what goes on but that I need to temper my reaction.

Peace, Bill

In January of 2011, it will be 3 years for me. I have to go back to my awakening or the realization of it in 2007 and that is when I started on Myspace…it was a great way to be creative and converse with others, but I needed questions answered and happen to stumble upon YA from creating an email address through Yahoo.

It was winter then and many quiet times were ahead for me. My son was with his dad and my nest was completely empty. The home I lived in became a dungeon. It had only been a year since my divorce. I painted like a mad woman late at night then I would post pictures on myspace. I would ask questions every now and then because I really didn’t get many answers in the beginning or stars, but that didn’t keep me from asking.

I was also journaling too so my life was somewhat balanced. The nights got darker and longer and questions were arising out of nowhere and of course my questions were 90percent in R&S. I am a seeker on a journey. What am I looking for? I am seeking the truths within. YA has been one of the best resources for counseling, advice, insight, laughs, cries, hope, creativity and compassion.

I am grateful, blessed and honored to know each and everyone of my contacts and those to come. You all have guided me to love myself despite the old doctrines. You have given me strength to get through some tough days. You have asked questions that really make me go to the inner child for answers. You have validated me and opened your hearts to me.

I love you all. I wish I could answer every question, however there is not enough time in the day!

You are my angels.

Mudslinger/amanda/ medusa/tupelo

I have met some nice and interesting people here, more than I could ever had imagined, considering that this is the internet. Some of the people that I have met, I consider now friends and have genuine and warm feelings towards them; it’s always a pleasure to make new friends, no matter where you meet them.

I’ve gained interesting perspective and like anything else that I experience in life, I learn from these… but I won’t fully know what until I absorb, and that will probably be when I am gone.

As far as answers? I gain as much perspective here as anywhere, but it is a bit confusing sometimes with all of the various positions and posturing. There are too many masks and I cannot look into the eyes of an avatar to easily sort through them,

Those who are antagonistic have pretty much ruined the experience for me but I refuse to make my questions private as that, to me, defeats the purpose. I do not feel that the system of best answer is a good one for spiritual questions. There is already too much competition, why encourage it?

I honestly enjoy reading questions and answers. Sometimes I receive a really great answer that provokes thought and almost all of the answers are worth reading, most being sincere… Some of my contacts teach me much more, and I will surely miss them.

.. but I live in a very diverse area and spending so much time on my computer takes away from living, fully, in the moment, in the present, and I have been feeling like I am missing out on all of the beauty that surrounds me, sometimes, and there is sooo much life to live, in ones body and without too much analyzing or information overload.

It’s already difficult to navigate life. Knowledge, if sought can be found from a variety of sources but for many, I suppose, it’s easier to gain here than somewhere else.

So, while it’s been fun and interesting, I feel that there is much more living to do outside of the old. computer box, and I already have a social network a la Facebook.

But when I leave, I hope to stay in touch with some of my more valued contacts. ; )


I am in Y!A from April 24, 2006 and R&S has changed from a good forum to know the unknown questions of our respective faith or lack of it – to a very ugly forum where people would lose the sanity and attack each others irresponsibly. Now it seems little better after people are over with their rants against each others religions…lol!

I am a Muslim from Bangladesh and I can vouch that the whole of Y!A has changed my perspective about religion those we practice and think that our own one is THE BEST. I have seen how crazy people get when their own belief is questioned or attacked. I saw some Users attacking Islam and Muslims and our prophet in a very mean manner, but I also saw that people from diverse religion or beliefs talk rationally and pose questions without hurting the sentiment of the followers.

The awakening also came from knowing that there are many people in this world who do not believe in any kind or religion. Previously I had the perception that most of the ‘civilized’ population follows this or that religion. I had an Austrian friends since 1974 who was atheist and I hardly knew a few atheists before joining Y!A 4.5 years ago. I also found that the atheists do have their own arguments which one can not rule out as audacious or put the garb of blasphemy and ridicule them.

I had been offended by a few Hindus users from India and some fanatics from other countries who would think that all the Muslims are nurturing hidden agenda to conquer the world. The attack on our prophet was too much for me to digest and I was horrified at the attackers use of derogatory and cruel as well as half-true and half-fabricated stories involving the person whom we the Muslim revere the most. Y!A R&S gave me the awakening that how deep the mistrust we have between Hindus and Muslims and now between Christians and Muslims, particularly after the 9/11 incident which we condemn unequivocally.

I do support the contentions of many users in R&S that the Muslim clergy and the leading Imams did not condemn the 9/11 or 7/7 etc the way these should have been abhorred when those crimes were committed. I know that they (the Mullas) were sitting on the fences and watching the drama without making forceful statement and telling the world that this is not the way Islam thinks right way to fight any injustices being committed. Furthermore, why attack innocent people when they had no business with the injustices or perceived injustices? I am sure that these over zealous and fanatics has spoiled our great religion in the eyes of all the religious people including the followers of Islam.

PS. Y!A has made me think hard about how & why we are practicing the rituals of our respective religions (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism etc) and what needs to be done to awaken our humane side and make us practice decently in daily lives, while keeping religions in its own private place in our lives. Any thought to share, please?


My experience has been good …. and I’ve met such special people I would never have had a chance to meet in “real life”.

I arrived here by chance really! Had come to Yahoo Answers briefly over the last 4 years to ask computer questions and then cat medication questions. Did not know during that first 2 years that there was an R & S or Philosophy section!

But exploring the categories one day about 2 years ago, I found R & S and began to read the questions. I had never come across fundamentalism before and asked one or two questions about that belief.

I noticed an avatar of a black and white border collie, and became Mysterious Panda’s contact, and then Just Be’s contact, and fell into a wonderful, wise, insightful group of people who seemed to be on a similar wavelength to myself.

I would say my participation here has given me a wider and more flexible understanding of what IS and how others experience IT.

It has widened my horizons ….

My motivation in continuing to come here, is that it is uplifting to be among like-minded people, and with every visit, I gain a new level of understanding from the Questions and Answers of others.

That all sounds a bit wordy!

I think I should just say.

I enjoy it!!!



Wonderful Q L !!
I joined because I was at the point in my life where I needed to have silence. I was looking for more, spiritually, and to know how others felt. Even when I couldnt say what was on my mind, or ask what I needed to ask, this is the place where I can always pour out my thoughts and feelings. In return, I found so many like yourself, who are knowledgeable and encouraging. I have been here for almost two years. It has been such a wonderful experience honestly. Especially, in hard times as they are right now, people need faith, love and courage more than ever. All those good old fashioned values never go out of style. Being here has made me change the way feel about the world. So many need answers. People need to be embraced with Love. I’m thrilled and have felt so warm and comforted by so many here. I wish I could give them a big hug.
God is Great. 🙂


I haven’t been on here a lot lately after spending lots of time over the last few years. I found myself getting tired of the negativity and attention grabbing by so many.

That said, I came on here a few days ago to ask a spiritual question and was overwhelmed by excellent answers. Most were wise, compassionate, and filled with good information.

So, like you, my experience has been filled with ups and downs, with the downs being dominated by frustration with trollish/hateful behavior, and the positives consistting of genuine interaction with others seeking to ask and answer and share ideas about God, The Spirit, etc. Peace.

Tough Question
Good Luck

Well, I started out in R&S. But there were so many hateful people, that I decided to branch out into other categories. Since I’m a tattoo artist, I started answering questions in ‘tattoos’. Now it’s home, along with Psychology and Polls and Surveys, for a change of pace. Take care.

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