I have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee when you let off the gas about 25 mph after taking off from stop it pops?

It is shifting into to drive but it sounds like some kinda slack cause it makes a thump as it shifts from 2nd into drive, but only if you let off the gas as like you would have to slow down for a stop light.if you keep your foot on the gas it shifts smooth without the thump.You also get the tump really bad if you…

It could be two things, 1- You may need a motor mount. 2- Your transmission may be slipping from 1st to 2nd gear.

what type of father might want to help / the position does it sound like it truly is coming from? Exhaust might want to intend a situation with valves, timing, CAT or RES – gasoline delivery. Suspension might want to intend a nasty motor mount, undesirable suspension snubber / U-Joint. it truly is worry-free to envision maximum of if not each and every of the suspension products your self / it takes 2 people to envision motor mounts usually. Motor Mounts (computerized purely): make sure the motor is chilly / not pushed interior the perfect 4 hours or so (skipping this may damage the transmission). improve the hood so that you’ll locate the motor by ability of the hollow. flow the motorized vehicle the position you’ve 10 ft the front and rear clearance. commence the vehicle, positioned on the emergency brake. Press the brake properly (do not enable the vehicle flow) positioned the vehicle in opposite and gently (gently) tap the gasoline / attempt this similar element in ahead if the motor strikes more beneficial than 2 to 4 inches (or “Rolls” left or good) you’ve a motor mount undesirable – if the motor jumps the front to rear / rear to the front (now and again with a thump less than the floorboard) you’ve a nasty transmission mount.. The direct of ROLL tells you which of them mount is undesirable and allowing the motor to flow too far. (prevalent Transmission): it really is an similar procedure yet you should make sure that the motorized vehicle won’t be able to flow – it calls for 3 ft, or very solid blocks to shop the vehicle from shifting – in case you at the prompt are not tender attempting it then do not. U-Joints: There are 3 ideas to attempt this, the perfect 2 are risky – so i am going to purely inform you the first. positioned the motorized vehicle in 4wd mode, no matter if it truly is not already, and then shift to opposite, anticipate it to ‘kick in’ (pull somewhat) immediately shift to force as quickly because it kicks in shift back to opposite – do not contact the gasoline. If it pops you’ve a nasty U-Joint. Rubber Snubbers: effortless seen inspection works right here, use a user-friendly in case you want to, and seem for rubber everywhere less than the motorized vehicle that looks cracked, or with parts lacking, or rubber on one part and lacking on the different. *caution* IF a snubber has complications it truly is because of different complications, fixing the snubber does not restore the project. For each and every little thing else, take it to a shop. to interchange U-Joints I strongly propose you replace all of them straight away – you’re already ‘there’ and parts fee isn’t that a lot larger to interchange the incorrect one.

it is possibly drive line slack (u joint ) or it is possible it could be the ball joint on the upper rear differential control arm worn and moving under a load.

I could possibly the U joint going bad.

Check your transmission fluid. It may be time for your trans to be serviced (the fluid is supposed to be red)

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