I murdered my puppy? Help?

There now I got your attention..
My nurtured yorkie-poo was humping my sisters dog all evening yesterday, she’s a female shih tzu.. My sister was visiting my home 😛 and i thought neutered dogs don’t have sex?

Neutered dogs can still try and mate with a female and can actually tie as well. Especially if the female is on heat.
More info>>>http://www.google.co.uk/webhp?source=sea…
Are you sure your dog was sexually motivated and not just being dominant?
In either case it was not very nice to let your dog do this to the female ALL evening!!!!!! JMO.

The motion you are describing has nothing to do with sex. Your neutered male mutt was trying to dominate your sisters Shih tzu. He wanted her to know he is alpha dog here. His house and his person. Only primates are sexual for fun. Female dogs are fertile about every six months right after estrus. For about a week they will allow an intact male to mate with them. Both male and female dogs own or dominate all kings of toys, beds,and other small animals. They go about hugging and rubbing against all kinds of things. They often manage to irritate another animal.

That’s a misconception… Neutering is only removing the balls… the instinct to f*** is still there though actions vary. Not all neutered dogs will try, but it’s not abnormal. Your puppy is fine… he’s just a bit randy. 😛

Also if the female is in heat it’s kinda in his genes to try.

What a mean trick.

Whats a yorkie-poo? Is that a dog?neuterd dogs can have sex but dont have any reproducted cells (sperm and ova)

How long ago was your dog neutered? If he was only neutered recently, it is likely that he has not yet figured out that he cannot reproduce anymore.

they still can especially if a female dog is around but it can just reduce the amount they hump

There not having sex, your dog wants to be dominant or be the boss

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Even men that get vasectomys and women who have uterus moved need to get their rocks off. Lol this is normal even for pets. Humping is her way of venting sexual frustration

Boy dog knows girl dogs is not in heat. Its alpha dog behavior. “Ha ha I’m boss”.

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