I’m going to run away/kill myself tomorrow?

Ok so I’m 13 and well my school found out I’m depressed and self harm so they told my parents and gave me a Referral for Violence Risk Evaluation at The Centers(A mental health/Physciatrist Hospital)

And yesterday I had to get evaluated, they said I’m being forced to go to counseling like every week…

In England the is an organisation called The Samaritans.
I know you can’t ring then from The United States, but you can Email them at [email protected]

They are there 24/7, and they will listen to you

You deserve the best life has to offer.
Please find help.

For crissake, do you know how much pain that will put your mother and friends in? Do you want them to get suicidal over you as well? You will scar people for life and potentially ruin your parents lives. Suicide is NEVER the answer. You are only 13. Go to treatment, take your meds, it does get better.

I was hospitalized last year for a week for a near suicide attempt, after meds and therapy for a year, I happier than ever. I had a chemical imbalance and lots of stress in my life at the time. Therapy will help you resolve the stress, meds will solve the chemical imbalance, and then you will be able to function, be more energetic, not be so sad all the time. Just CALL THE SUICIDE CRISIS NUMBER! RIGHT NOW! Or tell your mother.

Baby, let me tell you right now. You have your WHOLE life ahead of you. Think about all the good memories you will miss out on. You graduation, getting married, having kids, living out your dream. All of that is possible, just take a deep breath. Your problems may seem big now, but in 3 years you’ll say to yourself “What was I thinking?” So calm down, and call the number, you can normally remain anonymous. And if you need to talk about your situation, a therapist wouldn’t hurt. Calm down, take a deep breath, think of the future, and call. I wish you the BEST of luck with your life! There is help available!

dont try and kill yourself. Just think about the positive things. Your only 13 you have a full life ahead of you. You go to these centers for recovery. Going to these centers will help you get better. The people around you are trying to help you. Also think about how this will affect your parents and your relatives and your friends. Think about what your going to put them through if you decide to go through will your plan. Your young and we all have our challenging obstacles to face. Some greater then others but i promise you it only gets better. ” Theres a light at the end of the tunnel”

Ik exactly how u feel and i feel the same way and i’m thinking of over dosing myself on pills but my best friends keeps saying to me that its a choice because suicide is a sin and god wouldn’t like it but god also says that he would never give u something to do that u cannot handle so your prob in this position for a reason just like me.

Suicide or running away isn’t the answer. Your mom just might not understand.
See a doctor, things will get better 🙂

u can take 1000 melatonin and u wont even get high. it wont kill u. advil wither. use benadryl and nyquil

You should ask the counler.

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