Im jealous of the time my boyfriend spends with extended family?

I only see my bf once every two weeks practically.. and he claims to love me very much, in fact he was the first to ever say it, but bc of our diff religious views his family doesnt approve and for right now we are keeping it btw us bc its easier and less stress,less drama.. so when he does see me he must sneak…

How old are you two? If it is a serious enough relationship, what will happen when the family finds out ? Eventually its going to hit the fan that he has been sneaking to see you so what does it matter now. I think he needs to decide if he really does love you and if he does he needs to stand up for you with his family. They have to understand that everyone was raised differently when it comes to religion and be open about it.

I don’t think you’re disturbed for being upset about the situation. But as I see it, you have two options.

You can continue like this, for the sake of keeping drama out of your lives. If it’s going to be a long term relationship, it sounds to me like a lifetime of hiding from your inlaws. It also sounds to me as if you haven’t really been successful in avoiding drama, or else you wouldn’t be posting this question.

Alternately, the two of you can start saying “screw you” to the family, and be together regardless of the drama. I expect that, after a few times of seeing you together and in love, the drama will dissipate on its own. It just won’t be fun for anybody, after a while.

Sitting there and stressing out about it isn’t helping anything. Either accept the situation as it is, or do something to change it.

he seems like a family type of person. dont let him find out that your jealous of his family.

well you got three choices accept it ,move on , or look in to converting to his religion sorry

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