Im so sick of being played!?

Ive been played by guys so much,never had a real relationship. The longest i was in a “relationship” was 2 months,and he was playing me too.
I cant sleep,cant stop crying,i dont want to eat anything because i feel that if i dont, i can lose weight and be more desriable to guys(i know stupid but thats…

OOOOH CC here we go again lil sister. Calm down…no worries…

First off you are putting far to much value on a relationship or at least on a man. Remember I told you, you’re being to nice!! Don’t be a push over..NO ONE LIKES A PUSH OVER!! Push overs get taken advantage of always!! Don’t always overlook red flags!

Second of all your in college. Guess what many girks never have a real relastionship until after college that’s not just you. Lil Sis, also most of these girls dating guys in college are not going to marry them or if they do they’ll end up in divorce. Also try meeting guys from other colleges not your own.

I also suspect that you are gravitating toward a certain type of guy. One that portrays a certain image or physical appearance. Maybe you’re chasing the rejects from The Tool Academy with the blonde tips and six packs. Image and Physical appearance are not the best way to judge a potential boyfriend.Looks fade my love. Even you and I won’t be this pretty forever. So you want to pick some one you can stand being around.

Also don’t fall for all the sweet talk. When a guy starts laying it on thick push back on him. Give him a bit of a hard time. Guys never mind a challenge. They almost never want a easy win. Make him respect you a little, make him CHASE you!! When he starts sweet talking you. Like “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen or your so smart or funny” say something like “Oh I bet you say that to al lthe girls.” Now I know that may sound like a corny vintage line…but said with a a sly grin very effective. Give him a run for his money be a little a little smack. If he can’t handle it then he really isn’t man enough for you or he is just a lame player.

Also NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER buy him a drink. In fact, never pay for a meal ever. Trust me it’s not all that hard. A guy that is truly interested in you doesn’t mind paying for meals, etc. Especially a guy that you never slept with. Those are the guys that are potential keepers.

MOST IMPORTANT BE CONFIDENT! If that lame *** guy played tries to make you feel like a jerk flip the script. Tell him he has a small penis or he is bad in bed even if you never saw it. If he is trying to show off and it makes you feel bad it’s fair game to turn it around o fhim. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Here’s my motto “LIttle Boy’s Big Ego’s” Telling a guy he has a small or wierd penis is the equvilant to someone telling you you have a ugly baby. Lol, it’s true they like wanna cry inside.

I understand you’re upset right now. It happens to the best of us little momma. You have to options you can brush your shoulder off and say the past is the past and say none of those guys were good ones any way and continue your pursuit in a little less desperate manner….or you can become a player yourself. I have no opinion on that the choice is yours.

But seriously don’t fret. You’re young beautiful, smart, blah, blah,….but you know life is a trial and error proccess you can’t get it right if don’t keep trying. Everytime you fail you learn something new which is a new improved chance to succeed!

CC stop eating Ice cream put on something cute and go work it on your way to class. And as god as my witness every guy that eyes you you just need to faintly smile and look away no staring.

It’s a big pond your the bait know go see which is fish is a good catch.

What the hell where am I getting all thes awful anologies? Lol

Anyway Go on Girl!

P.s. I’d like to address the dad leaving thing. One thing has nothing to do with the other so don’t get it twisted. Don’t let your dad leaving mess up how you develop your relationships with men.

Trust me dads are not the best examples of what to look for in men. Personally I look for people completely different than him!

My dad has never ever ever gave me any good advice with boys if anything he effed me up when it came to guys.

Don’t sweat it. You may miss him but him leaving had nothing to do with you!

What Kind of Guys Are You Looking For?! If You’re Picking Them Up At A Bar, Then That Explains Everything. You Should Look For A Guy With A Nice Heart And Not Good Looks. Find Someone That’s Not Cocky?

I personally feel for what it is worth, that you haven’t really dealt with your dad leaving. There are a number of ways to do this, as you know. Therapy can help or asking your mother to explain what happened, or even your own father if you can.

Starving yourself will not change your belief systems, nor will it heal the hurts you’ve experienced in the past. Plus even if you did become very thin and “hot” there will always be someone hotter and thinner. Get to know you, be kinder to you, seek healthier ways of looking after your body simply because your body honors you, try and honor it back. Not all guys are players, but perhaps you are seeking out player without realizing it, you know like a pattern you have developed.

That is one reason I am glad to be gay. I will never get guys. Love is like a game to a lot of them. When your bf started telling you how hot his ex was, all he should have been seeing after that rude comment was your butt as you were walking away from him because you deserve better from anyone you are romantically involved with.. That is a creepy thing to say, tell someone about how hot an ex was. A lot of fathers leave, mine did too and got a new family as if his old one did not exist. Your father leaving has nothing to do with you. It sounds like you are attracted to the same type of guy, maybe you should take longer to get to know them better and only change yourself for you, not for other people. You sound like a really nice person so it sucks that you keep going through the same kind of hurt. Good luck.

Wow…first of all, if you are trying to change your appearance, do it because it’s what you want, not what you THINK some LOSER guy may want. Don’t be so available to them and don’t reveal too much about yourself. You want to put off that air of mystery. And DO NOT believe what the one guy answered by saying that “maybe you’re too boring or not good looking enough”…whatever! He’s probably one of the same types of guys. Look for a better class of man and don’t base it solely on his looks. And it’s true when people say that you’ll find someone when you’re least expecting it or in the most unlikely places. Good luck to you and keep your chin up! He’s out there!

Women mature faster than guys. The guys you are meeting in college may still have the immaturity level of a high school guy where there is a lot of drama and games. If you try too hard to get a relationship you will only end up with the losers and you may need to reevaluate your expectations of the guy you want to be with. If you like to read and want a guy who is intellectual go to the library, if you like to workout and want a guy that is fit go to the gym.

You have to change the type of guys you usually going for start by looking for someone you not only have something in common with but you can be yourself with THEN maybe you can go from there don’t rush into a relationship be friends with the guy this way he will show how he really .

Aw damn I’m in college too when I meet guys. The guys you meeting are not mature and is idiots Truth be told I’ve been told by a lot of guys that guys treat you based on how you treat yourself. Like if they get the sense like you have low self esteem about yourself they look at they can take advantage of you full force. Guys can only do what you allow them to do to you. Also majority of guys don’t know a good quality girl when they see one. Besides you’re in college you have a lot going for yourself. If god wanted you to have a boyfriend trust me it would happen. Other than that concentrate on what’s important boys come and go.

Stop trying so hard. Concentrate on your schooling. Get involved that way. The right guy will come along. Don’t use college as a dating site. Use it for your education. The less you try the more they will want you. Once they start coming, make sure and pick wisely. Don’t settle for one, make sure you date several guys at different times during the week. Good luck.

If you were to meet your “Mr. Right” tomorrow, would you be inclined to see his inabilities to live up to your expectations of him over his abilities to be a compatible resource for your happiness and contentment? The answer to that question would tell you all you need to know about yourself insofar as your abilities to live up to your expectations of yourself.

Is it possible you may be asking for too much too soon in this regard? For example, do you date for at least a year before making such a decision? There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. We are, all of us, subject to human frailty that occasionally sheds us into a negative light in the judgement of others. Are you flexible enough to love a man warts and all? It is, after all is said and done, a question worthy of consideration at the outset of any relationship.

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“As ye sow, so shall ye reap”
“The best way to get a friend is to be one”

It is unreasonable to expect anyone to live up to a standard you do not first set for yourself.

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