Is a Computer Engineering degree from the philippines worthless in the US?

Need to know because my mother is forcing me to go to the philippines(i’m in california) for college. I’m afraid that i’ll end up only being able to work at geek squad.

Go for schools with ABET accreditation like Mapua

90% of the people with any degree from the Philippines entering the US fail the test & have to go back to school in the US before they can get a job with that degree

Hmm! Will require an equivalency test

degrees from other nations are typically accepted. As for the Philippines, that place’s technical institutes are highly influence by USA so it should be creditable enough to be accepted most anywhere. That said, the value of degrees increases if one goes to highly credited and well organized colleges so you may still be better off getting a Computer Engineering degree in the US

she cant force you. you can just say “forget you, im paying for my own college” and go on student loans and work hard if you wanna go to college here. if you are smart, trust me, its worth it. you can apply yourself and potentially get an internship that will pay off your loans before you are even out of school.

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