Is Cyber Dating (Sex) the Same as Cheating?

My boyfriend has an addiction of posting his profile on numerous sex sites, dating sites, and web-cam sites. I have been seeing him for almost 5 years now, and felt something was ‘wrong’ with our relationship. I had posed as ‘Jane’ about a year ago and sent him an email……hook, line, sinker, he…

He hasn’t married you, so technically he is not cheating. He is however acting in a very improper and im-moral way. If you was married, it would be considered cheating, and almost the same as adultry in your marriage. If he treats you the way that you say he does, imagine what it will be like 10 yrs or more down the road. He is never going to marry you at this point in his life, and you still have so much left of your life. Dump him, and find a real man that will cherish you and treat you properly.

The exact same thing has happened to me – I got out and never looked back. A leopard never changes its spots. My ex made promises to me as well and then we had girls turning up on our front doorstep, he went interstate to meet girls… all went pear shaped. Men like this cannot be trusted in the long run and it is cheating!

It is not cheating,unless he meets with them, it is fantasy. But, why would you want to spend time with someone who has no interest in marrying you and puts you down whenever he can. It may not be cheating, but you should still find someone who appreciates you, for what you have to offer. Try to think more positive about yourself, and you will realize that you are wasting your time with him.

It’s Cheating.

I think anything crosses over into at least mild cheating if it is being hidden or covered up. If it’s not cheating, then why would it have to be hidden?

i think it is because ur having sex on the internet its like if u go somewhere to look for some one to have sex thats my opinion

He’s cheating, definitely. There isn’t any excuse for his behavior.

no this is not cheating, however it is very disrespectful to you you should probably drop him until you can be the center of attention.

at 52 who cares, let him have his fun

Yes, it is cheating.

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