Is the Northern Ireland conflict about territory ?

Does the south of Ireland want Northern Ireland to reunite with it ?

And do the Northern Irish consider themselves Irish, or British,?

and are there people in Northern Ireland who are nationalist and want it to reunite with the south ? what are they called ?

Yes to your first question although there are some from the south or Republic of Ireland who are happy being separated.
Some people from Northern Ireland consider themselves Irish and some consider themselves British hence the conflict.
The people in the North who want a united Ireland are usually known as Nationalists or Republicans.
The people in the North who want to remain part of the UK are known as Unionists or Loyalists.

The vast majority of Catholics in Northern Ireland want a united Ireland.
The vast majority of Protestants in Northern Ireland want to remain in the United Kingdom.

Its quite complicated.

Northern Ireland has two populations, the Republicans (Irish Catholics), and the Unionists (English & Scottish Protestants who settled Ireland generations ago just like they settled in America).

The Unionists want to stay a part of the United Kingdom and the Irish Republicans want to merge the province with the rest of Ireland.

As for the Republic of Ireland itself, in theory it is in favor of regaining northern Ireland, but in practise it doesn’t want to get lumped with that conflict.

You’ll find that the Majority in Northern Ireland want to stay in the Union (UK), and that the Majority in the Republic (Mainland Ireland) don’t mind that.

Both have been divided by those borders of hundreds of years.

The thugs in the Prov. IRA or what ever IRA sect will just have to agree with that.

Some Americans are also going to have to realize that terrorism isn’t freedom fighting. The Troubles are over, best to keep it that way.

More about religion and culture. The Catholics in Northern Ireland associate more with the Republic of Ireland and want one united Ireland (I believe they are called republicans)…the Protestants in Northern Ireland are mostly of Scottish descent and live in the county of Ulster (Scots-Irish, Ulster-Scots) and are UK loyalists that want to be part of the UK.

extremely bout 0.5 of Northern eire are catholics and wanna be seperate from Britain and the different 0.5 are protestants who wanna be a piece of england. So extremely theres no elementary answer to it devoid of frightening one portion of the argument. The IRA prefer to be seperate so for the period of the 70’s to ninety’s did a load of terrorist assaults yet that has supsided over the final decade so this present day attack is somewhat suddenly. in fact the protestants in Northern eire wanna be a piece of england so it is not any longer in simple terms a case of england being hellbent on retaining particularly of eire.

No. As with most conflicts it is all about fear and ignorance.

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