Is the term “Jew” offensive or politically correct?

I am writing a college paper on the Holocaust. I need a noun to represent “Jewish people” ??
From research,most websites use the term “Jew” but I thought it was offensive?
Is there a better noun that is politically and academically correct? I do not want to be offensive! Suggestions?

Jew is not an offensive term – I am a Jew (that’s for real) and proud of it.

There’s nothing wrong with using the term “Jewish people” for your Holocaust paper. We, Jews are a religion and a people – for some reason, this is a very difficult concept for people to understand, even Jews have trouble with it, but then there is the old saying “2 Jews and 3 Opinions”.

The term Jew can only be offensive if you are using it in a stereotypical, derogatory or biased way – in other words, it’s not the term itself, but how you use it.

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Hi I describe myself as white British. Not sure about the answer to your question but I don’t see why you shouldn’t use the term Black. But just to let you know how crazy this whole political correctness nonsense as gone – my son as just been excluded from school because when a friend of his in class mentioned a teacher’s name, and my son replied, in a normal tone, ‘you mean the black one ?’ . And then the helper in the class (who is black) claimed that by saying that he was being racist. And when my son replied, ‘how is that being racist ? He’s not white is he ?’. The teacher sent him out of the class and to make an example the school have now excluded him for the day. I can safely say that my son is not a racist and I feel that he is the one that is being discriminated against for simply describing someone by colour. So just be prepared as they could take your discription on your research papaer the wrong way, depending on how sensitive they are to this small issue.

sad that the Jewish name has undergo so much slander that people have to even ask if calling someone a Jew is bad. Jewishness is something to be proud of. The Jewish people have a history like none can compare. To be a Jewish by birth is not to be confused with being Jewish by religious faith, although both can apply to one individual. Jesus was born a Jew, who split time from bc to ad. Jesus died being the express image of God as scripture says, on a cross next to 2 thieves. He identifyied with sin by becoming it. He was the scape goat and the lamb, scripture says he was slain in the Passover it even says he died the same hour and moment as the high priest in the temple simultaneously offered the blood of the lamb on the altar, coincidence ? Simultaneous with this offering the veil in the temple ripped in a earthquake.Then later destroyed and the Jewish people have not been able to truly make a sacrifice on the altar for their Sin. He rose 3 days later on the feast of first fruits.

I am Jewish and there is nothing offensive about the term “Jew”. It’s simply the context in which it is used. Many anti-semitic people may use the term “jew” in a derogatory manner (ex: dirty jew) which makes people feel uncomfortable using it, but truth be told that’s what we are- Jews!

That is a perfectly acceptable term to use.

I don’t know I wouldn’t call a Jewish person a Jew…kinda like I wouldn’t call an Asian an Oriental….I know it might not be the same but, when I hear the terms I cringe so I assume it might be insulting towards them. I cringe as in I wish someone didn’t say that or why did they say that type of way kind of embarassed for whoever said it.

Jewish people are Jews. The word Jew itself is not derogatory in that context.

Depends on how you use it & maybe even how often as to how people take offense. I looked it up on wikipedia though & they seem to have no problem using the word “Jew”.

Jew lawyer, Jew ethics and such is kind of offensive.

This is just fine –

“Thousands of Jews celebrated today”, “A true Jew only buys kosher”, etc

Nevermind the content so much im just trying to make examples

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