Israel has no right to exist?

For many years i heard Israel is the country of all times and the country were peace is there
now many Jews claim that Israel is peace full but the truth is they never brought peace since the day it was made (1948) nowadays we can found 9 million + Palestinian out side Israel from the war of 1948 and 1967 and as…

This is absolute bullshit.

Israel has not had peace since 1948 because the ARABS KEEP ATTACKING IT. You think Israel wants to always be in a state of war? Of course it doesn’t, but there is no choice when you are constantly being attacked.

9 million, you say? Sources? That is a ridiculous figure and completely untrue.

Whilst the UN says that the Arabs should have part of the land, the Arabs want all of the land and for Israel to not exist. That is why they don’t have land (although there are 22 other Arab states).

Israel did not ‘take Arab lands’ in 47 and 67. The land was not Arab to begin with, and in both wars, the Arabs attacked Israel, so the land was captured in DEFENSIVE war.

Israel has had Jewish presence for thousands of years. It is historically Jewish and is the only homeland for Jews as an ethnicity, let alone as a religion. There would be no place for Jews if there was not Israel and Israel is religiously, culturally and ethnically significant to Jews, more so than any other people.

I couldn’t understand a single thing you wrote about Spain, but to claim that the Jews somehow betrayed the Arabs and that it was the Jews, the persecuted peoples, fault is just wrong and comes from those loony, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Israel has never attacked Lebanon, or any country for that matter. Both of those wars were started by Arabs attacking Israel. That is historical FACT. Israel has no need to start wars. Arabs start wars because they want to destroy Israel. It is retarded to claim that Israel started those wars.

Israel only strikes in retaliation. The only reason more men will die will be if Hamas and Fatah keep attacking Israel. It is ridiculous to say that Gaza has the right to attack Israel. There is only a war because Hamas refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist. There is no way in hell that Israel started a war, and there is no justification for Gaza attacking Israel and firing rockets at Israeli civilians. That is a moronic view. Children are killed because Hamas place their weapons near schools and hide them in houses. They use children as human shields.

There are a few misconceptions here, to say the least:
1. There was never peace since the day Israel was established – TRUE. The reason for this is the Arab countries trying to exterminate Israel time after time (and failing miserably to do so). Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once said: “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel’‎”
2. Can we find 9 million Palestinians out side Israel? During 1948 and 1967 wars, maybe a few hundred thousands fled from Israel. Some were deported, it’s true. But it isn’t any different from past wars between nations. For example: India-Pakistan, Greece-Turkey and many more. In all of these examples, the people resettled and began a new life. Only Palestinian Arabs are unique, they never received citizenship (apart from Jordan), because they were used as a weapon against Israel. Arab rulers wanted to use Palestinians as demographic weapon that will beat Israel. About the number of 9 millions – Where did you find that number? Why do you consider their kids and grand-kids as refugees? Only Palestinians enjoy this privilege of “refugee”. All of this of course because of political interests, trying to suck as much money as possible from UN institutes.
3. Arab presecuted Jews throughout history, a good example for that is the presecution of Jews in the Maghreb countries in the 1950s.
4. Israel “attacked” Lebanon twice because Lebanon launched terrorist attacks against Israel. In 1982, it was unending rockets fired at Israeli cities, and assassination attempt in Israeli diplomat Shlomo Argov that caused the invasion. In 2006, it was the murder of 2 Israeli soldiers who patrolled on the Israel-Lebanon border, that started the war.

This is just a little part of what’s wrong with your knowledge, I suggest you conduct a serious research. You’ll find out that Israel is one of the most humane countries on earth. ESPECIALLY in the Middle East!

1. Through reading your 15-line, two sentence question, It’s easy to see why you have trouble understanding many things, including politics and terraforming.

2. Regardless of who was there first, Israel belongs to the Jews just as much as any land belongs to any human. A very tiny portion of Earth is inhabited by the same people as 2,000 years ago. These places are usually still living in the same squalor as they were 2,000 years ago.

3. Israel exists for the same reason any current country exists. The strong conquered the weak, established a country on some sand, and turned it into a fertile first-world country the size of New Jersey in the middle of a barbaric region still living in the Middle Ages. The same way America started as a few colonies and encroached westward; the same way a few boats of Spanish conquistadors ended up conquering in South/Central America—the Jews took Israel. It’s the way of the world. The strong usurp the land of the weak. Many Muslims are against progress, and would love to **** outside and on their women for eternity; Israel is the epitome of progress in the middle of a nightmare world. There’s nowhere else in the world where a people has come into a little sliver of arid land in a barbaric environment, and turned it into a world power in less than 50 years. Nothing makes the savages more angry.

The United Kingdom occuppied the complete discipline that’s now called Israel prior to 1948. After WWII they decided to present what was once considered Palestine to the Jews and that state grew to be Israel. I couldn’t care much less concerning the problem of who’s the authentic proprietor of the land. All i know is the united kingdom had no proper to present away land that was now not theirs to with. It can be like the USA giving Mexico to Russia. It can be no longer theirs to present away. Most of the area that is now Israel used to be known as Palestine prior to 1948. Israel is certainly an illegitimate state that was installed through the united kingdom, US and other nations and with unlimited funding and weapons was in a position displace the indiginous folks with foreigners from out side the continent. Sadly for the Jews, their victims refuse to knuckle below even when they’re fighting in opposition to an enemy with unlimited financing and weapons. They rather blow themselves up at the same time taking their enemy out then provide in to the overwhelming force. They can’t fight a war reasonable and square in order that they must hit under the belt and use terrorism given that the one different alternative is to give up. Cash and drive is not going to be successful over Karma. Watch out Israel, Karma is going to chew you within the butt.

Not on the expense of the people who were expelled in 1948 and denied any right to return just because they are not Jews. Israel was created a state for all Jews on earth on Arab majority land. Israel attacked, occupied and colonized the territories of every neighbour country, so it’s expansionist state. Such state has no right to exist. Israel should be replaced with a modern civilized state which has defined borders where the right of return is given for people’s previous residence, not religion and where all Zionist colonial agenda are eliminated.

There is anger and frustration on your side, and the Arabs have good reasons for it. Israel did not treat you fairly, most of the time in the past, and they still treat you badly now. They do not have the right to get away with everything they want (or their government and radical groups want). But I think yes, they have the right to exist, and to exist in peace. They are people with no homeland, unfairly persecuted so many times, and they have historic claims to Palestine just like Arab Palestinians do.
I do not take sides, I know Israel and I know several Arab countries. I see more in common than differences between them, and I’m sure they could be friendly neighbours again like they usually were in ancient times.
«Enough killing children», you say. I agree. But I say just «enough killing». When one side kills somebody on the other side, then comes revenge from the others. And so it goes on, endlessly, pointlessly. Is that the future you want for your children, to go on with that madness? No killing must be the first commandment, and then you have every right to claim your rights, and to fight peacefully for what you want. How did Gandhi free India? Not with bombs or machine guns, I assure you.
A fair deal with peace and safety for all will bring prosperity to the whole region. It’s difficult, but it’s possible if you Arabs and you Jews want it.

Israel is home to 8 million people. If it ceases to exist, most of them will cease to exist too. Is that your peaceful solution?

Also – check your facts. You’re trying to cram a complicated peace of history, more than three millennia, into a short paragraph, and it does not really work. You get many facts wrong, you overgeneralise – things are not that simple, and never were.

For instance: in 1948, JEws agreed to the UN decision, while the Arab countries did not. So, for instance, it was Jordan that captured Jerusalem in 1948, against UN decision, not Israel. And so forth.

We don’t care if it was the state of jews,

Europeans invaded land that’s called ( america ) right now and lived there over 300 and they say its their land so

Palestine is for arabs and muslims so

Not only does it have a right IT DOES.

Israel existed when Prophet Muhammad’s great great great grandfathers were still roaming the desert, and the Jews never voluntarily surrendered their homeland.

Do the Muslims have a right to possess Medina? How would you feel if some power drove all the Arabs out and claimed it as their own, forever?

As for the Palsetinians, if they understood we are here, here to stay, and if they finally accept the right of Israel to exist and if they finally made peace the entire world would help them create a prosperous state, with Israel showing the way. As long as they preach and practice hatred and genocide the world will regard them as terrorist savages.

I believe in a two-state solution. It is not fair to Palestinians to be deny their own land, but neither is it right to say Israel has no right to exist. Both of these nationalists should try to put their differences aside and try to create a better place for themselves.

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