LOTS of questions for video game designing questions??(10 pts)?

Ok,i’m 12(not that ya care,but just teh let ya know!)

I want to be a video-game maker,but here’s some questions,that gets in my way:

1:How old enough can you be,to design video games??

2:If your making a video game,what do you have to create first?The guide book,or the game it self??


To answer you questions…

1) Pretty much any age if you’re very talented. However, the industry most likely won’t put you on their radar until you’re at least 18… However, on the programming side, it may get pushed to 21.

2) You’ll want to get at least a playable demo (if not a full version) of the game first, followed by info guides & so on if you want to pitch the game to publishers.

3) If you can design the character yourself, GREAT! If not, there’s no shame of getting an artist involved to help create the look of the character.

4) Depends on the length & the complexity of the game. Simple games can vary between a few hours to a few days. The large, long, complex games usually takes months (if not years) to complete.

5) NO, you do not need your own company to make games. HOWEVER, having your own company will give you more control over the game (& hopefully, the franchise, if successful).

However, when pitching your game to a publisher… choose the one(s) that would most likely produce your dream game.

6) This is personal preference, but you’ll most likely want both in some form before pitching the game.

7) If you have an idea, you can probably get a composer to assist you in fleshing out the music.

8) You’ll want to mix arts (for creative ideas) with computer science (to make the games)… However, computer science majors can be tough on students.

9) Depends on how much of a life you want. 20 hrs / week would be the suggested minimum, 40 hrs / wk suggested max, but no more than 80 hrs / week (absolute max) if you want to have a life.

Hope that helps!

1: you can design games at any age if you know how. but game designers are generally from 18 on.

2: first you have to have art concepts, the guide, etc.. creating video games is like creating movies.

3: making a game requires a lot of people working, if you are the director, you tell the designer your ideas about the characters.

4: the GOOD games take for about a year to develop.

5: if you want your game to succeed obviously you have to have a company or work in one.
The difference you can see between graphics depends on the graphic engine the company uses, there are companies that have more efficient engines, that’s why you that each game has different graphics.

6: that is the order to make game.

7: There are some games that have their own soundtrack, that means that the makers create lots of songs just to be used in that game.
other games use soundtracks from other artists.

8: you have to be an expert designing 3D models, so if you want to be a game designer you should study graphic design.
games also requires programming to create the movements.

9: Designing a game is not easy, it requires hard work. obviously you’re not going to design a game alone, so i guess the team work like 8 hours a day, maybe more.

You’ll pick it up eventually if you keep with it and you should be able to understand most concepts… There are many game collages out there and that just depends on what specifically what you want to do such as 3d modeling or strictly programming. It’s a large collaborative effort to make a game you would just want to find a niche to start in the game industry such as what matches your interests the most. Once you do go to college you are open to many possibilities but sometime you just have to work you way up also. Keep with it and you should have no trouble succeeding.

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