Ok what about the Mazda 3?

Hey everyone. Ok so yea. I’m looking for a newer car, that’s cute, that’s faster than my 2001 Ford Focus. The Mazda 3 came to mind, so my boyfriend and I went to go test drive one and I have to admit that it is indeed a very nice car.

I want other opinions on whether or not this would be a good car…

I’ve owned the Protege5 (replaced by the 3) since 2002. I’ve done nothing but routine maintenance since I bought it. I drive the hell out of it, the car is a blast!!

When I can bear to part with my baby, I’ll be replacing it with the 3!!

Car and Driver has written numerous times about different versions of the 3, you should check out what those engineers and racers think of the 3…

From what I know and from people I know that have them, the Mazda 3 is a great car. 626s have always had issues. The earliest ones had headgasket issues and many of the later model ones had transmission issues. Now read up on the Mazda GLC. The GLC became the 323; The 323 became the Protege; And the Protege became the 3. Ever iteration has been an excellent vehicle. They’ve been overlooked because most people think of the 626 or RX7 when they think of Mazda. They never remember the reliable GLC/323/Protege, MPV, B-Series trucks, or the 929- not to mention the bulletproof Miata. I say go for it. I’m a Toyota fan but I’d buy a Mazda 3. They are great vehicles.

mazdas are very good cars. especially since ford bought mazda. the 626 was made before ford bought the company. the mazda engines are also ford engines. im not sure what the mazda 3 had. but i do know that the mazda 6 has the same engine as a ford fusion as well as the same chassis. i know because my i bought my wife a mazda 6. it was either that or the ford 500. she preferred the mazda. so we went with it. its a great car. if i was to do it again though id get a used one instead of a new one. something with say 10000 to 15000 miles on it. 5 yrs is a long time to be paying for a car. get a used mazda 3 not a new one. theyre just as nice and youll have more money every month. not only that, new cars have just as much chance of breaking than used ones. i see it everyday.

I like the Mazda 3. I have one and I love it. Its so cute, but most importantly it has high ratings. I was originally thinking about the Toyota Corolla S or the Mazda 3 last year. I got the Mazda of course. But, both Toyota and Mazda hold their values really long. Hmmm…. same with Honda too.

Take your car to another shop to have it inspected. You should always get a second opinion from someone else especially if you have doubts. I do not own a Mazda, but in my SUV when the engine light comes on it is letting me know that it is time to change my oil. When was the last time that you had your oil changed or any other maintenance work done? If you had it recently then you can look in your owners manual to tell you how to turn off the signal; it is really easy. Again, you should still take it somewhere else to make sure.

I bought a 3i last February, and I love it! I got a couple of extras like side air bags, sun roof, and 6-CD in-dash changer (to name a few). A couple of cool things about my car is the sound system has an interface for an iPod or MP3 player already built in. My son bought a 2007 Honda Accord (which cost about 9K more), and he would have to buy an additional accessory to be able to use his iPod on his car. Also, the 3 model has a huge glove compartment. It’s big enough to carry a notebook/laptop computer. For real! Plus, I like my dealer (Werner Mazda in Manchester, NH!!!) because they treat me like a valued customer. Good luck!

They are both good cars. It really boils down to personal preference as far as styling and convenience. The Mazda3 has some options that Toyota does not offer on their cars in the same class – if you are into xenon lights, navigation, awd turbo, etc. I suggest that you rent both cars for 1 – 2 weeks just to see how you like them.

Oddly enough, the Mazda3 shares a few parts with the Focus.

My best friend has a 04 mazda 3 5 door and loves the dumb little thing. He has had no problems and it is a fun little car to drive. You get very good milage and they are safe cars.

I wouldn’t mind owning one but I don’t like the 2 closest Mazda Dealerships to us, the salesmen and jerks.

I can say I have nothing but love for this car. It’s really cute and especially fun to drive. It can practically pass as a sportscar by its looks. I’ve driven lots of cars before but this one stood out. Handling’s great, it feels like you’re driving something that won’t spin or fall apart when you run through those quick and sharp turns. (:

I have had a Mazda 6 and now just purchased my Mazada 3. Let me tell ya something – FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this car – it is fun to drive. G/M is great. Handling is decent. I got the 2.3 Liter ’05. You will enjoy it. if you check on edmunds.com – they will give you the run down on the model and year you want if you feel stuck in your decision.
Good luck in your quest – Zoom, Zoom.

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