Ouija board!!!! at a store?

Is an oujia board the famous “weegee board”? Lol im just wonderin cause I saw it in a halloween store, and isnit dangerous to play?

Yes it is dangerous to play.

The use of an Ouija board can often just be a random diversion in which nothing happens. But sometimes it can open up the door to the demonic. This is since you are actually calling upon a spirit to converse with you. The spirit can claim to be an angel, a deceased relative or the like, but do not be fooled. What the Ouija board connects you with (if anything) will be a demon.

Even non-Christian websites warn against Ouija board use just due to the many bad experiences people have had. One says, “On balance, the use of a Ouija board should be strongly discouraged. Those who do attract lower level beings ultimately stand a very high chance indeed of suffering possession and/or serious mental illness, both of which would be nearly impossible to overcome by modern medical means. The only solution to such a serious situation involving inter-dimensional forces would be an exorcism carried out by a highly experienced practitioner of which there are very few living today.”

One person on Yahoo Answers wrote, “After I played that Ouija ,I never wanted to do it again…I remember asking it when I was going to die and it said “56”…and I asked it how I was going to die and it said “sick”.. Of course I wasn’t moving the thing, and my friend said she wasn’t moving it….It scared me shitless to be honest.. I just hope what it said isn’t true…

Another said, “My sister received one for her birthday and used it regularly. We then noticed a pattern that every time she or I used it we wear hurt pretty bad, not broken bones, but serious cuts. After finally deciding to get rid of it, and throwing it in the trash I told it to ‘burn in hell’ later that day I had to go to the emergency room with 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burns to my face from a gasoline accident.”

And another on Yahoo Answers wrote, “Once my aunt and grandpa were playing with one and it said they would die on a bridge close to my aunt’s house. Another time when my youngest uncle was in fifth grade the teacher brought an Ouija board out. He played with it and when he got home his mom told him to ask it if it believes in Jesus Christ as the Savior. He did and the spinny thing flew off the table and they never saw it again.”

Someone else shared, “A good friend of mine was tormented by a spirit her brother had let loose with this. It even followed her to college. Do not use it. The stronger spirits will come through and they are usually the bad ones.”

You can do your own search on Yahoo Answers for “Ouija beard experiences” and the like and you will see the stories are never good.

The only real way to be freed from oppression from the Ouija board is through Jesus Christ. Only in him and through him is there victory over demonic spirits. Those that have experienced the forces of darkness and see that the spiritual realm is very real need to now turn to the good to obtain freedom. Have a look at the links below (mostly videos) and see what you think. I suggest you find a better diversion.

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Mel Bond – Hell and Demons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0d2fVm4WYo
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Jesus Film (The most viewed film ever) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pGEv9qXVaY
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Yes it is the same board.
Yes it is dangerous.
Don’t play with it because;
1. It’s not a game
2. You will definitely regret it.

Yes, Ouija is the correct way to spell “weegee”. It is not dangerous to play, unless you’re so gullible you can scare yourself with it.


Avoid using one like the plague. Too many damn people refer to it as a game. Friend. It’s no game.

It’s a toy. Silly people might pretend to scare themselves with it, stupid people might really be scared, but it’s a TOY.

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