People who know a lot on cars answer here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Tell me everything u know about engines and whats tourqe,horespower,super charger,4.6 and v8s and everything else????what do they do what are they used for??i need to learn aboout cars so pls tell..thx..and feel free to throw in anymore added info on whats under the hood..anything u thought i should…

you can learn alot right here, just go through the questions and read the best answers, try to figure out which ones are best and why 🙂

Ok, here you go. Copy and paste what I am going to write, and you will be able to wow your friends with your insight and wisdom.

1) Torque is the amount of push your vehicle has when your pull hard on the steering wheel in one direction or the other.

2) Horsepower is simply the number of horses that were slaughtered during the making of your vehicle.. It is common knowledge that certain engine parts are lubricated with the fatty membrane of horse carcasses. Therefore, how many horses were used results in your horse power.

3) Super charger. The Charger is a Dodge model line that was also used in the 1980’s TV show the “Dukes of Hazzard”. A Super charger is one of those vehciles shown at car shows.. Nothing more.

4) 4, 6 and V8. That is often confused with horse power. Those numbers reflect the speed at which your vehicle is capable of traveling. If you have a 4…you can go a maximum of 40mph, a 6 then 60mph and a V8 you can go Virtually 80 miles per hour. The “V” for Virtually is there because, at the time, nobody had ever traveled 80mph, and it was thought that the wheels would fall off of your vehicle before you reached this Virtual Speed.

Hope this helps.

Look at the web site listed below. It listed everything you asked about.
Heres an example:

What it is: A Supercharger is an air pump or compressor that forces pressurized air into the cylinders during the intake stroke of the engine. increased density intake air, along with additional fuel, increases power. The term Supercharger is generally applied to engine-driven compressors, but also can include exha ust-gas-d riven turbochargers. Mechanical Superchargers do not have the lag associated with turbochargers.

How it works: Mechanically driven Superchargers receive power from the crankshaft via a belt or chain-drive. The supercharger mechanism can be a positive displacement type (Roots or scroll compressor), or airfoil based (centrifugal compressor). Since the supercharger speed is proportional to engine speed, pressure builds instantly, giving power on demand. operating a Supercharger continually can hurt fuel economy, so some Superchargers have a clutch to disengage the compressor when high power is not demanded.

Customer benefit: increased power on-demand for a given engine.

you are looking for years of information in one short burst , ain’t gonna happen , you gotta crawl before you run and you want to win a marathon . 4, 6 and 8 are the # of cylinders an engine has , if they are in a v shape they are a v6 , v 8 etc, otherwise they are inline . , unless they are a Subaru ,corvair, air cooled vw or old style porche , then they are horizontally opposed or boxers , the horsepower / torque thing is complicated , torque is basically twisting force and think of horsepower as ” hi speed power” torque gets you going and pulls you out of the mud , horsepower is for passing on the highway .a supercharger is a belt driven air pump that forces more air into the engine ( another air pump ) a turbocharger uses exhaust gas pressure to spin one wheel mounted on the same shaft as a compressor wheel that forces air into the engine . i havent even touched on ignition systems, 4 stroke engine theory or camshaft timing, much less transmissions , differentials , fwd, vs. rwd , man the list goes on , start reading all you can , it’s a fascinating subject and nobody knows everything about all cars. hope this helped a bit.

super charger- belt-driven. It forces more air into the engine making the engine pump out more power, uses lots of gasoline. 4.6- the number of liters in the car, also, 4.6 liter is around 4,600 cc. V8- the engine that has 8 cylinders that are vertically inclined. so a v8 will have 4 cylinders on each side, making a V shape. Your question is very broad so i will just tell you these brief information.

It took me 10 years of reading and researching on cars. Now I like cars. You can actually tell someone who doesn’t know anything about cars, it is the way they describe it. I learn cars because, I ask the question before. I start doing my oil changes. I remember when the first time I did it, it took me 2 hours to do it. Now 30 minutes in the comfort of my home.

My advice, you can’t learn anything on engines if you don’t do your own oil changes on your own car. If you don’t wash the car, and clean the interior of the car, you don’t know what you need. If you don’t know how to check the oil level of the car, then you don’t what kind of oil your car has. It starts by reading, and the fun part of it, you can get to experiment without voiding the manufacturer warranty of the car. That’s excites me.

torque – what makes the car move.
horsepower – a measurement of engine power (English System)
Supercharger – device that forces air in the intake which is belt driven.
4.6L – size of the engine in liters (English system)
V8 – cylinders of the engine is arrange in V-configuration.

ok first a v8 is the kind of motor that makes the power of the car faster. The tourqe is most of the power in the engen. if your trying to buld a street racing car your going to need volts for your clucth, if you have a custom car already then you might not need it. But if you dont the swith clucthes to change the volts of the clucth. Volts will also make your can change gears faster. trust me i would Know i drive a white 2000 civic from honda and have it all fixed up already. hope my info helps you have a good car.

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I have learned a lot from this website:
It has excellent visuals and examples. I’ve spent many hours reading up on miscellaneous and fascinating information.

i’ve never met a smart person named “glen”. all he said was wrong. look those things up on wikipedia, i really don’t want to type all that out…wiki has good info, and correct info.

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