POLL: Why do fake people use fake pics and has fake account and.?

Eats fake food and drinks fake water and sleeps in fake bed and get diagnosed with fake cancer?

Psh, your mum faked with your dad last night.

“Why do fake people use fake pics and has fake account and?”
Huh?? Is that question for real? I’m looking at the comments from others to this question and except for “The Conceited Bastard’s” answer, I think this microcosm of respondents shows society’s got a problem, BIG problem.
The answer IS, people (you who answered but didn’t see the frikkin obvious)….. because being fake & deceptive & manipulative is ALWAYS an option for such people. Simple sh*t, folks. duhhhh….. They’re called psychopaths, or psychopaths-in-the-making, people for whom truth is something to be molded into their own liking for their own purposes & for no other reason. Psychopaths.

What`s fake water?

No. I don’t understand the point. If you want to look at sexy people’s photos there are millions of pictures on google images. You don’t need to commit privacy invasion, impersonation and copyright infringement by posting another person’s photos which is actually illegal and can be prosecuted



I lol’d at fake cancer, cos people will be people like craig & durk, who’s craig & durk you ask? I made them up hehe

I’m one of them.
I have a Miley Cyrus account. HAHAHA.

they also have fake sex with fake blowup doll

..actually the blowup doll is real

They need to be Bashed,

lol….because they are fake?

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