Puppy problems (Siberian Huskies) behavior issues!?

We have a 5 month old Siberian Husky that we have had since she was 8 weeks. Just recently (about a week ago) we brought home an 8 week Siberian Husky so our oldest could have a playmate. Ever since we brought her home our oldest has been acting out. They do play fight and when they get rough I separate them. They…

Firstly the older dog is not refusing to let you know when she wantsa out, she is peeing i nthe house to mark it as her territory, tocover up any scent that the puppy might be leaving behind.

I wouldn’t separate them when playfighting, pupies learn a lot through playfighting. They learn about domiance and submission, they learn not to bite, they learn respect. When you say the older dog is getting ‘too rough’ it is most likely that she is just reprimanding the puppy for something.

Give each dog a routine. Pick a point in the routine to take a singular dog out to potty and use a specific catch word like “do you business” in a happy voice. 2. do the same with the other dog and use a different catch word. (Go poop bothers the neighbors). 3. Don’t separate your dogs when they get rough. Stay in the room and just make sure they don’t get bloody. They will never settle unless one is toughly trounced and gives up. Also, if you can yell “sit’ and use a specific hand gesture for that. (Same words and gesture for both. this makes you the boss of both). A dog can only be friends with a human if they are put in their place. If not, they are the boss. Also, next ime just rent the show the “Dog Whisperer” Strangely; you can apply this method with boys and men if you want to.

It’s not a great idea to get a new dog so soon after getting one. Dogs don’t always need another doggy companion, as long as they get enough (not too much) attention and are walked regularly. In this case you may have to give your new puppy away, as it is not a good environment to raise a new puppy in, especially with another older and unhappy dog. The issues definitely lie in the 5 month old, and you need to focus on this one. she is still just a puppy herself, and she needs your focus and attention, or more problems will arise in BOTH dogs.

Take the other puppy back where you got her from. I can’t believe a breeder would sell you another one, and another female at that, while your other one is only 5 months old.

When you only have the one pup, instead of worrying about who she is going to play with, focus on getting her TRAINED.

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