Question about global warming / climate change?

Firstly, do you believe that it is caused by the actions of man?

What should be done about it?

Renewable energy now, or somehow suck CO2 back out of the atmosphere?

Or, do you think it is already too late?

The globe warms or cools according to the output of the sun. If the sun is in a low output mode the globe eventually cools off because there is less incoming heat than the planet loses. When the sun is in an active mode the planet eventually warms up because there is more heat coming in than can escape at night. When the sun is in a serious minimum the opposite is true and eventually the oceans lose their excess heat and things cool off. this happens every several hundred years.

Well the current word is that a return to a Dalton minimum is highly possible and the fear is a return to a Maunder solar minimum of 300 years ago. We can only wait and see but unlike the believers in a hot future I am at least preparing for a potential return to a colder future as the world has experienced previously. I predicted this possibility several years ago before we dropped into a severe solar minimum, but all the warmers refused to accept that it could turn cold because their immature science does not recognize that climate changes occurring to the output of the sun rather than some silly religious views warmers have.……

So the best arguments so far have been unsubstantiated & irrelevant (3% claim) and inaccurate & many times debunked (800 year lag). That’s pretty sad. To address the latter (again!), in the past there has been a lag between temp and CO2 increases. That’s because CO2 is not the only cause of global warming. When there’s another cause, it can lead to a CO2 increase which will amplify the global warming. However, the fact that CO2 isn’t always the primary cause of global warming does not mean that CO2 cannot be the primary cause. That is a logical and scientific fallacy. Any contributor to global warming can be the primary cause under the correct conditions. In this case, humans burning massive amounts of fossil fuels is making CO2 the primary cause. There are then feedbacks such as an increase in atmospheric water vapor which also contribute to global warming as a consequence of our greenhouse gas emission forcings. Sorry I didn’t answer your question Trevor, because I can’t! Clearly neither can anyone else. I like the “because I don’t believe it” answers. Now that’s credible!

global warming is caused by volcanoes and a other of natural events. We have had minimal impact on global temperature, however we polluted a lot more than earth does naturally. BTW the main greenhouse gas is water, not CO2.

you cant stop global warming, its happened before and will happen again.

Im not saying we should used renewable energy to stop global warming, but to stop the use of “dirty” fuels the pollute the air to burn and scar the earth to mine. If there were no CO2 in the atmosphere all plant life would die, so dont take it away.

Dont confuse pollution with global warming. We caused pollution and we can stop/ reduce that. Global warming hapens naturally, dont try to stop it.…

Global warming is caused by CO2 emission. the previous poster is not educated on the causes. Volcanoes, solar cycles and ocean current patterns have temporary effects. But there has been no unusual volcanic activity over the past 100 years that would cause or explain the current warming. And water vapor is a feedback: as warming starts, more vapor is stored and warming accelerates.

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