R&P: What Future Musicians Death Would Impact The Civilized World Once Again?

Ronnie James Dio, a Legend in his own right, has passed on…. It seems though, that this is somewhat overlooked in Modern Society (Who was he? What Band was he in? What did he Sing? Did he play an Instrument?)….. And I got to thinking, if the Death of a Musician like Dio hasn’t taken the World by Storm,…

Rob Halford.

( thought about Ozzy, but he was already taken)

He’s 58, arguably as Iconic or more than Dio ( who I actually think had a better voice than Rob). Judas Priest is about as well known as they get in the Metal world.

MQ- I have dedicated a day to listening to his music, one song was insufficient. The King is Dead…. long live the King!

One more likely to happen though, and far more likely to rock the world is Aretha Franklin.

I did hear my local news today say Ronnie James Dio died ,and they did a story on him.

maybe some of these guys

Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Bob Dylan
Paul McCartney
Ringo Star
David Bowie
Eric Clapton
Robert Plant
Rod Stewart
Roger Daltrey
Elton John
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel

RIP Ronnie James Dio, You’ll be missed.

I would say any of these would hit like a thunderbolt

Jimmy Page
David Bowie

Rainbow In The Dark, cause He was, to many of us

Dio took the metal scene by storm, but the death of Ozzy would be even greater since he’s a household name among musicians.

David Bowie’s death

Oh wait , he can’t possible die now can he ? I mean he hasn’t aged since 1977 , he’s Ziggy Fcking Stardust , for crying out loud

Oh well if the media and all say that he’s dead , I’ll know for sure that he’s actually in Cuba along with Cobain , Elvis and Ceausescu.
That’s where they all go
MA : The Beatles – Getting Better
Only because I’ve been in a Beatles mood lately and I’m listening to Sgt Pepper right now

and Dead Souls by Joy Division

DIO, why him? He was such a fcking legend.!!!

I hope no other legends die. I mean it seems like pop and no talent people are making it huge in this world and when somebody who actually was extraordinary dies nobody notices.

I would dedicate a song to Dio, but no songs are worthy of him. He deserves a masterpiece.


The most popular musicians are mainstream pop, so I would say pop performers like Madonna.

Dio is arguably the greatest vocalist ever! Of course, I will dedicate a song to him!


no metal musician will ever get a “mj” reaction if thats what you mean, look at chuck schuldinger or cliff burton, dio is in the same category as them. it would take a mainstream pop/rap/classic rock legend to shake the world, like mj.

I know, it wasn’t even on Entertainment Tonight last night.

Dio is the metal world’s Elvis and Lennon. I don’t want it to impact pop culture. I don’t want to share my grief. Same goes for any other Metal Legend.

MQ: King of Rock n Roll

Well I think the death of either the rest of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd would devistate the worlds rock & roll fans. But now a days if Miley Cyrus died everyone would be sad. Personally, if she died, I would throw the biggest party in joy of her death. But again the death of the rest of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or Slash would would impact civilized society.

oh almost forgot, dude that’s not even a question. Of course I would dedicate a song it Dio, he’s a great musician and deserves a song to be dedicated to. Like this one,. I know it’s not by Dio, but it seems fit when I heard about his death.


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