Should I spay my 8 month old female dog?

What are the risk? I need to know!!

Yes you need to get her spayed.

You need to get her spayed. Your not helping the unwanted puppy population. You should have watched Oprah yesterday. They were talking about puppy mills and how you should spay/neuter your pet. There are no risks. And if there are, than there is about a 3% chance that anything will go wrong. It is a very simple procediure and your dog will only be in the vet for about a day, just so she can recover. It’s really not dangerous at all.

Don’t delay. Neuter or spay.

Yes you should spay her. It reduces her chances of cancer, of escaping and being hit by a car, and of having unwanted puppies.
The only risk is that if you wait till she comes into heat, you’ll have all that to deal with plus it’s more expensive and potentially dangerous to spay a dog while she is in heat.
If you ever want a puppy, you can get one cheap at the animal shelter and save a life!

Minimum of risk to have her spayed. It’s surgery and there is always a degree of risk but spaying is done to thousands of dogs every day.

The risks to not spaying are more plentiful and occur at a high rate. Pregnancy, with problems and sometimes death. Mammary cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer…. Pyrometria (sp), false pregnancy bringing about mastitis…. it’s a long list of problems if you don’t spay her.

There is no downside to having your female dog spayed by a competent vet. The upside is a healthier, happier dog who doesn’t breed any more unwanted puppies.

The world has so many unwanted dogs, why let there be more? Unless you have a dog that is purebred and a superior specimen of the breed, get the dog fixed. There is no sense breeding a mediocre dog or letting the dog have mutt puppies that may or may not find good homes.

jsut get her spayed the over population of dogs is very high theres 40 to 70 dogs getting euthanized every day because there unwated get her spayed nowwwwww

yes you should get her spayed! it will reduce mammary cancer, ovarian cancer, and she will be a better dog.
The surgery is very routine.. vets spay and neuter dogs all the time. they will have to open her up and put in stitches, but its well worth it! If you have any questions I would talk to the vet about it. they will be able to answer all your questions, set up a time to do the surgery and answer any after surgery questions…

but spaying your dog is a great thing! please consider and do it!


It will cut down on numerous health problems, and enable her to live a longer, happier life. I say go for it!

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