Should the UK bring back National Service ?

The National Service Act was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1939 at the outbreak of the Second World War. A New National Service Act came in 1945 and ended in 1963.

I think a small stint would be good to mould our young adults, what do you think ?

lets show teenage thugs how to use a weapon, and kill people with unarmed combat.
that’d teach the b*ggers

I think it would be a great idea to bring this back. I feel that young people need a sense of belonging, somewhere to instill some discipline into them and to bring back a pride in our nation.

I don’t think they should be conscripted for years on end, but like you say I small stint of around 6-12 months would be a great way to mould our young adults.

There is also another side which is to give young people the chance to take a view on the various career prospects available in our services – there are many careers that people may not even think of unless they are shown first hand.

For some people. I’ve said for a while now that young petty criminals should do a stint in the army because it would clear out the prisons a bit and teach them good values for the future as well as providing them with a career.

I think so, it would have helped me. I wasn’t particularly rebeleous when young but I think National Service would have helped give me more direction to my life, and helped me grow up quicker.

But I think it should be a civil national service, not necessarily in the armed services….Ther would be no harm in working the land ( or such ) for a year…it would do us all good.

However, we’ve got no chance with all the politically correct do-gooders who would go on about slavery, minimam wage, takking jobs from others etc, etc.

But, keep the topic going, you never know, one day we may all see the light.

It’s exactly what we need! Would ‘whip’ these idiots/ pikeys/ plebs and so on into shape! They’d learn some respect, discipline and might actually want to work when they get into the big wide world instead of sponging off the rest of us and causing havok!

Wouldn’t be a bad thing for the girls too! learn some useful household skills while the ‘boys’ are out with their toy guns!

Forget National Service, bring back hanging.

Yeah. extremely of a very fairly tiny minority having get entry to to weapons, we could actually prepare all of them. there’s a twisted good judgment in that. If the gangs can shoot promptly, they are going to take one yet another out at as quickly as and with much less fuss to all human beings else. yet leaving my preliminary sarcasm aside. even nonetheless I vehemently disagree with your theories you expressed them of course and precisely and you deserve some admire for that. that’s unusual around right here. i anticipate by ability of faculty leavers you exculde absolutely everyone who is going directly to a point 2 or a million training and in basic terms mean individuals that bypass away after or earlier GCSEs. if so there might want to be an excellent sharpening of vocational training to make certain many did no longer in basic terms take a seat in college for yet another 2 years purely to fail unsuitable tests. while human beings communicate of extra training they regularly think of of A ranges and ranges neglecting the smart skills we would desire to run our society. national provider that’s regularly seen with a rosy glow by ability of the two people who did it earlier, and individuals that by no ability had to. i think of aside from the numerous problems of national provider as a company, it additionally isn’t least high priced. I sound like a toddler-kisser there, i did no longer intend too. that’s not low priced to equip and prepare 0.5 a technology for 2 years.

Yes, Yes a thousand times yes – I had to do it although I could have deferred as I was in the Merchant Navy at the time and that didn’t count – so did 3 years R.A.F. it helped make a man of me and I’ve never regretted it although I chose a different career in my twenties.

I definitely think that would sort out all these lay abouts and undisciplined. I think it should be compulsory for girls too. i would encourage my children to do it. It teaches them responsibility and respect. Lord knows there is a lack of that around especially in the schools. It works in Israel. If you are going to live in this country and reap its benefits you should somehow contribute towards it. So even asylem seekers should go. No one should be exept. It should be compulsory for at least a year.

Yes indeed! Everyone should have to do it. If young people today learned self discipline, responsibility, respect and a sense of self worth, then we could have a much better place to live in.

No way! I don’t want to get shot thank you very much! Especially for a government who would leave me to die if I was a hostage and would send me into war for reasons I don’t agree with. I don’t think that handing people guns and saying ‘go and kill that guy’ is really going to turn anyone into a stable citizen to be honest.

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