Shouldn’t pro lifers just call themselves pro human since they believe no other animal has the right to life?

They think that a fetus can suffer on the same level as an adult animal like a horse or a dog or a great ape or can suffer far more, they deny animals having emotions or thought and they claim their god made animals to be human servants with no other purpose or value other than to be used by us, despite animals…

No. What’s wrong with the world is when you liberals think that you can do what ever you want and not pay the consequences. You have unprotected sex and then kill the baby. Animals do not have the same rights as humans. They are meant to serve us and be food for us. That’s how it’s been from day 1 (no matter your belief). Nobody cries when a frog dies but killing a human is sad. I’m sorry that you can’t tell the difference.

What’s amusing is that you think the animal has more of a right to live than a human? I have not seen any evidence that an unborn baby doesn’t feel pain. Where have you seen that?

I believe innocent human life is more important than that of an animal. If you don’t, that’s disgusting. I never said I wished animals to suffer.

No. Pro-lifers do not necessarily believe that no other animal has the right to life.

There IS a difference between humans and animals. The law should treat them differently.

If you are not a vegetarian, your complete argument is BS.

What’s say we give fetuses at LEAST as much rights as animals have been given. At least they have a fighting chance at life… They are at least born and usually make it to adulthood. Fetuses aren’t even given that chance.

THAT is what’s wrong with this world!

Let’s all contribute to the lawyers for animals fund. Give us a break.

Pro-life has nothing to do with anything non-human. It’s an entire separate issue.

Simple…I don’t believe humans are animals,but are made in the image of God.
I support several Liberal causes,but making excuses to murder babies isn’t one of them.

Actually it just means anti-abortion rights.

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