Tokio Hotel Family: Does anyone else feel kind of bad for…?

Being so hard on Tokio Hotel?

I felt kind of bad and realized that maybe we should just accept their changes and still support them like we used to? (I know most of us didn’t stop supporting them).

If you think about it, they still have the same personalities its just the outside that has changed. And…

Yes a feel bad. It’s just like with every other person, people are too judgemental about looks. Appearance really shouldn’t matter. They can change their looks as much as they want and they still need the support from their fans. If we’re too caught up in these changes, they could suffer a lot from us. It’s the fans that make the band huge.

Yes. I feel so bad. I first heard the songs; and i didnt really like it much because they sounded a bit like Cinema Bizarre and you could barely hear Bill’s voice.
But even though its like 10 seconds of 2 songs, i reeeeeeeeealy like their new songs; and i could get used to that and there old style. There growing up and they want some some changes; and if they do; then sure, let them change. I know i wouldnt want to stay the same for my whole music career, if i were a singer. To be honest i reallllllly like “the dark side of the sun” and alot of people are complaning about how they dont like it and they “heellooo” bit at the start of the song. I love both Cinema Bizarre and Tokio Hotel, because they are very unique bands and have their own style, personality..everything! Cinema bizarre was the first thing to pop into my head. But i was wrong; they still have their own unique style. I’m sure that’s what they want; to be able to change their hair, or their makeup, or produce a whole new different album and still have fans supporting them no matter what.

Your right ^
They’ve still got the personalties 😉
& I guess that is what matters the most;

Alright; i officaly LOVE there new songs, adjust to changes right?

Bill’s changed his hair right? But he has still got the most amazing personality and smile. He’s still the same. & Just because their music has changed dosent mean there going to aswell (:

& i will never stop loving them and supporting them <3


Yeah… I totally do.
I mean… if Tokio Hotel could see how we were talking, they would probably think we were some of the worst fans ever for not sticking by them when they just made a few changes.
& did you know that if you go on Google & type in, “Tokio Hotel leaked songs from new album”, the first two results are some of our questions.
So, really, we’re telling the world how “awful” Tokio Hotel is.
Which is NOT a good thing.
& I agree with you about only the outside changing.
Everyone changes… they’re growing up ))):

My dream was cute as anything, I was in this auditorium type place, like a school auditorium and it was weird some people from school where there, even though I been outta of school since 2004 lol, And It was just weird and then Tokio Hotel came out on stage, and first they started talking, and it was quiet at the time, and Tom was sitting down, with the microphone asking questions first before they sung, and then I screamed so loud I said I LOVE YOU TOM, and he looked over at me it seemed so real to, And he was so blushed it was so cute, and he just gave me a big smile I guess he did not know what to say actually, But I felt embarrassed because it was quiet a little and I screamed that out, But I love him so freaking much.

well i wasn’t hard on them
and i won’t be
if the songs turn out to be not so great i will still stick by them no matter what, they’ll still be my fav
they had done so much for me and changed me
im not saying that im just sticking to them cuz they helped me, no its not that
im sure they’re might be some songs that you wont like, really i have bought a lot of cd’s and i won’t always like all the songs in it
but im sure there will be some pretty awesome songs..i really like pain of love
i don’t mind the change
change isn’t always bad!
people change all the time..well at least their looks or style..i haven’t met one person that hasn’t changed
they’re still the same in the inside and that’s what matters the most right?
and about the music change, i don’t know maybe they were asking for something different (not TH just other people)? idk
you know i do have to say i was disappointed at people who kept saying that they were soooo disappointed..its not easy writing songs and coming up with a beat and do all that sure they worked their butts off..and that was only like 2 songs, and it really wanst the whole entire sure the album will have more than 2 songs
im sure the guys wont really “disappoint” us

and can’t always get what you want

OMG i haven’t been on here in forever (months!) i missed u Tokio Hotel family!! lmao anyways….

ya i do agree with you! i mean everybody changes, i think we are just used to how they used to be, but what we have to realize is they are the same, and maybe they like how they’ve changed! maybe they feel good about themselves more now than before, but they’re hearing their fans outraged about how they look? This probably hurts the band and makes them feel that their music is now less significant cuz of their looks, when really it should be all about their music! Their music is real and touching, and them being so personally amazing is just a perk along with their sexiness (LOL) and good looks!

Also ya their music changed sound a bit but seeing as it was leaked it may not even be complete!! Besides i liked the leaked parts of those songs, and their music can’t sound the same everytime we just have to be patient!!!

heheh frankly idk whether we were talking about looks or music so i did both lol

Sorry i ranted, but hope i reached out in a way!
Best wishes and i missed u guys:) ♥maddy

I felt terrible about how i reacted yesterday……i mean they haven’t changed in person, they are just trying a new style of music & we need to accept that.

Sure they might loose a few fans over their choices but a lot of us will still like them & their music

When i first heard the songs i didn’t like them at all…….but now i just want the album to come faster! I luv the songs now even if it’s like a 25 second preview!

As for their leaked songs, I didn’t listen to them and I want to wait until they come out on CD because I’m sure they would want their fans to respect their hard work and wait until they get the album and not ruin the surprise… lots of people are saying they do not like their new looks but whenever people used to say ‘they look gay’ we used to say, ‘no, they look great- and you’re the one losing out on listening to some awesome music because you are judging a band on their looks’ so we should not ba annoyed at them for changing their hair and stuff… it is on their head so they can do what they like… we don’t get a say in it. I think that especially when fans have read interviews about how Bill said that teachers and students at his school used to disapprove of his looks, we should not do the same thing because we are meant to support him – and his personality hasn’t changed! I think the sweetest thing I ever read about him was when he said that if a fan gets sick and someone tells him, he thinks about it for days.

Well,it’s not like I was being hard on them for their new looks.That’s something I don’t really care about(I mean I do but it’s not the main music is a big thing.If it’s not my genre of music and if I don’t really like it I’m not gonna lie and say that I love it.But those sound clips weren’t even the finished products so I’m just gonna wait till the single and album come out till I really develop an opinion on them.I’ll still support and love them even if I don’t like the music.But if I don’t like the music I’m not gonna lie and say that I like it.But hopefully I will like

Oh and I felt a little bad but not much.Like I said before,I’m not gonna lie and say that I love it if I don’t.I was only speaking my opinion yesterday.

Edit:I’m starting to feel guilty about how I acted The songs aren’t too bad.It’s just so different for me.But I’ll get used to them.In the past things have been able to grow on me and then they’ve become my fave.Like hard rock for instance,I used to despise it but now it’s my fave Hopefully their new sound will grow on me too.If not I’ll make it grow on

To be honest I wasent hard on them.For the songs I had assumed that they were demos,which is what most artists do when making new music,So I had a feeling that they werent the exact real versions but even if they were I think I would have gotten used to them eventually,everybody needs change every once in a while. And with bill and toms new hairstyles,I thought bill’s was ok but I liked his hair it was before better and toms,i’ll admit I was pretty upset when I saw his dreads were gone,I didnt care for him dying it black it was just the fact that he took away his gorgous dreads,lol. But i’ve gotten use to em and I like em now.

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