Tokio Hotel Family: How’s everything going?

I haven’t asked a question in a really long time & i feel bad 🙁

The family has basically died…well in my opinion & we should liven it up again 😀
Cause….yeah, we’re a happy bunch of coconuts xD (lol…i like my version)

So how has everyone been? I miss talking to you guys, i really do. It sucks…

OMG!! I’ve always wanted to be a TH coconut 😀

I’m fine. I got 4 hamsters. I obviously wanted to name them after TH. My stupid sister called them Nibbler, Aldo, Fluffy(Why would you call a hamster Fluffy?). But she let me name the 4th and now we have a hamster called Bill!!!!!!!

We should have like a Schrei week, Zimmer 483 week, Scream week and a Humanoid week. 😀
We would probably listen to their songs and we could post pics up on the TH family website ::DD
And we could have singing competitions from a song on each album. We could post them on YouTube.


Secret Letter
Dir en Grey

I know – I really thought the family would get back on it’s feet once the Humanoid City tour was over b/c I though they woudl start TH TV again or.. idk SOMETHING! GEEZ! But it’s all good *waits patiently in the corner*
I totally haven’t lost interest in TH – I still check and tom’s blog everyday haha

GUT IDEA! XD No even the German music thing – it’s not a lame idea I would really like some new German music it’s kind of hard for me to find actually .. i have no idea where to look!

What’s the main genre of music you listen to?
– I guess rock and pop O.o I don’t even really know…
What foreign language sounds really nice to you? (other than German)
– I love how French sounds! I wish someone could teach me
Have you ever been on a plane?
– No. how sad.
Favourite TH song? 🙂
– Monsoon. It always will be

Poll: Just pick one
Secret Letter?
The Gazette?

OMG I just came back from being in Europe for a month and everything’s being thrown at me…. O.o

But that’s a good idea :]

We’ve all been sorta dying lately and it’s pretty much the same story… Their lack of THTV and everything and they’ve sorta just disappeared. I mean, i’m not even as excited as i was half a year ago when I hear new updates and concerts and stuff. I’m just like oh… that’s great, TH are in freakin’ Asia… And yesturday I came home from Europe all happy and I find out Bill got a bunch of new piercings and I just stop and stare at him and go like “ew.” Idk what’s wrong with me… I feel that Bill is changing too drastically all of a sudden. I mean, I’m happy that at least Georg and Gustav and even Tom are the same…. but I just want the old Bill back. The one who played with Jumbie and sang Britney Spears. God, i’m pathetic.

Okays, i’ll stop rambling now, i think that’s an amazing idea 😛


– Ehmmm, rock?
– Italian ;]
– Yesssss, I’ve been on 12 in total… 2 last night!
– Always will be Monsoon…. <3

Poll (oh god i miss your crazy polls…. xD):
The Gazette

awe don’t feel bad! haha

I’ve been alright… summer is nice cuz I hate school lol but i recently lost my best friend and my band quit on me… but I’m in a new band now… it’s not really the same though… and i feel the same way… it’s sad that the members lost interest in TH because I haven’t. I love them the same or even more than when I first fell in love with them. My apologies if I don’t answer a lot of questions now and then… sometimes I just skim questions and don’t answer them… lol sorry!

and how have you been? 😀

if I think of a fun idea like that I’ll be sure to let you know! <3

I listen to pretty much everything… lol
Well I to Spanish for 3 years :]
Yes I have 😀
Oh I have a ton… but my top favorite is Ready Set Go! and I think it always will be :]

Secret Letter
The Gazette! xDD


TH coconuts! Sounds like us! I’ll start asking random polls and stuff associated with TH for the TH family to help liven this family up! Anything to get this active again cause I miss it so much!

I’ve been doing pretty good, thank you for asking! I hope you have, too! :3 It really does stink, like I haven’t see Cali-Loves- Tokio-Hotel in forever, along with quite a few other members. No one is asking anything anymore and it stinks! Too many people have lost interest in TH just because they’ve been a little inactive. Too many people whine over them not being close enough to their fans! Too many don’t understand they are just overly busy boys that NEED time to rest! Jeeez!!

I think we oughta have another Georg and Gustav week staring on Gustav’s bday maybe? I’ll post a q asking about this hahaha! I wasn’t around for it, and I would have LOVED to have been! But I totally agree, a week about something we all like would be awesome! We just have to find something that is totally mutual among us all, like TH is.

I don’t think it’s a lame idea! I think it’s a fantastic idea and I think we really need this! I’d love to get to know all of the TH family better and be closer with them! Everyone in this family is so understanding and they totally get how obsessive I am with TH all the time! I don’t want this family to die, so even if it’s a week of sharing what we ate for each meal daily, I don’t care! So long as we are active again, I’m happy! There’s probably alot of different things we could do.

Mostly rock/alternative. But I do like so hip-hop/rap sorta music, some techno music, J-rock. I like everything but country really!

Japanese! I’ve tried teaching it to myself but it didn’t work out -__-

Nope! Never, but I sorta wanna be someday

Hmmm……this is the world’s toughest question…..I like Komm alot……like, alot…. *__*

Secret Letter (I have no idea what any of those are O_o)
Lulu (again, no clue XD)
Gazette! AGH! I looove them!!!

Can I be a mango instead of a coconut? I never had much of a taste for them. *eager face* haha. 😉

Um, I am pretty good. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m gonna be sexy seventeen. *throws confetii in air* (in case you didn’t know, sexy seventeen is like sweet sixteen, but much sexier.) hahaha. …well, it’ll probably be very similar except now I have a job and a little more freedom and I look different than I did last year. *ponders this* Whatever.

I think the idea of having some sort of music week would be cool. One where we could suggest our favorite types of music and bands and such. Or maybe a periods in time week where we picked a favorite time period or decade or whatever and told about why. Like, I’d be picking 1985 – 1995 as far as decades go. Bitchin’ time. 😉

1. Alternative/indie/rock/grunge sort of stuff. Brand New, Tokio Hotel, 30 Seconds to Mars, Nirvana, Kevin Devine, Silverchair, The Runaways, Joan Jett, L7, Mudhoney. That sort of thing to list a few. I’ve just recently gotten into the 90’s grunge rock music. But it’s really badass. I love it. n_n

2. Hmm.. swahili, honestly. It’s very cool. Hujambo, wewe ni rafiki. Or Italian. Or French. I’ve learned a little Japanese from watching anime. (I know, I know, maybe not the coolest thing to mention, but hell. What do I care? haha) I don’t know. I’m really into languages. If I could, I’d learn them all. I’d love to be able to speak to everyone. One thing, I do love guys with accents. Not any accent, but a lot of them sound really sexy to me.

3. No, I never have. But I probably will one day.

4. Do not make me choose. If I try, my brain will overload and I’ll start hemorrhaging from the eyes and vomiting blood. Oh god, that was graphic. I’m sorry. Disregard. Phantomrider, Rette Mich, Unedlichnikeit, Human Connect to Human, GOD, I DON’T KNOW I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!

P.S. I like these long questions. They sound more… spicy. Tangy. Have a little somethin’ somethin’ special if you know what I’m sayin’. If you can hold what I’m dishin’. Eh? Eh? …yeah, so anyway. *trails off*

DOβUT (although secret letters are much fun.)
Dir en Grey

Hey 😀
yeah, i know right? It’s unlively as a nursing home… Okay, that didn’t come out right..

Amazing idea? *blushes* wow, thanks hahaa (:
We should do more things like that, it will be minxy XD

German music? How about korean music :DDD, I seem to be getting out of the german music thing but I still listen to Tokio Hotel, Rammstein and Die Atzen Frauenarzt (< electronica).

OH! And new members, I’m Pia; the one with the amazing idea *shakes hand* :DDD)

– Electronica, Screamo and everything under metal.
– japanese, it’s so minxy ^^
– why yes i have, I’m about to go on one in like 3 hours haha 😀
– Wenn Nichts Mehr Geht (Off the schrei album)

– ”’‚¢•²?
– LuLu’
– OMG! This is a really hard desision.. I say Dir en Grey :DD
– UnsraW 😀

Ya! i’m a coconut! 😀 Im good 😀 How are you ? aww i feel the same way….i miss you and the family too 🙂

Those sound like great ideas! I’ll do every one of them!! i totally agree with you….i feel like the family is falling apart and people aren’t interested anymore….I’m still here though and i probably will stay for a long time!!!

mostly pop
yes…multiple times a year

Secret Letter
The Gazette

Aww man, yeah I’ve been feeling the same, too. Look at me, Its been months since I have spoken to all of ya. *wipes tear* I’m sorry. 🙁 But NO WAY I have lost interest in TH. I was just so busy!!!! But now I’m back!! Yipppeee!!! And I’m so happy that Germany won yesterday’s game!!! (Tom was happy too….his fb status)

Rock and Pop
sigh….many. Monsoon though, is my all time fav.

Secret Letter
Dir en Grey

Teehee….tht was fun. 😉

Long time no see ;]

You’re right though, either I’m not up to date with all our contacts, or the family just doesn’t ask questions anymore. That week was fun, I remember having Georg (and Bill ^.^) as my Avatar 😛

– Rock/Alternative
– Well I speak German, but I think Japanese sounds amazing
– Many times, it doesn’t bother me at all :]
– That’s a hard one, it’s currently ‘Forever Now’


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