What do I do about my irresponsible cheapskate jerk of a father? Please read I’m really desperate for advice?

Now before you jump at the chance to say I’m being disrespectful HEAR ME OUT.

I’m 15 going on 16 in about a month and my dad has never been much of a father to me. He and my mom were never married and from the time I was a baby to about 11 or 12 years old I saw him once or twice a week at my grandmothers…

Look – I hate to say this to anyone, but I’m sorry I wasted my time reading your question. You had me until the Phantom of the Opera and the new car!! Get over yourself, you are a spoilt little person, who is counting every penny Daddy gives to your sister, keeping score, so you don’t miss out on one dollar. Look honey- not being able to go to NYC to see Phantom does not a neglected child make you, it makes you an ungrateful brat in my opinion. I thought you were talking not enough money for food and stuff, but, come on, this is just petty. If a new car for your 16th is even a possibility, then dead set, what are you moaning about? I have to go now, because I donate time to people who cannot afford to put food on their kids plates, people who work really hard and will NEVER own a new car, never mind be given one by someone for no other reason than you were born! People like you make me kinda sick. Sorry, truth hurts. Suppose you’ll report me for abusing you as well hey? Poor little darling. UGH.
BTW- you wanna talk child support? If he gives anything at all count your blessings. Dead beat Dads are a dime a dozen. I get $A24.80 per month for one child who’s father I was married to for 13 years and nothing for the other one who’s dead beat Dad got himself locked up for attempted murder!! Wanna swap – no? I didn’t think so.

Get your Mom to take him to court for child support so the state can set the weekly payment and even take it directly out of his check or bank account. And make sure she gets an order to make him pay half your college tuition. All she would have to do is google child support in your area to find out what she has to do. YOU don’t need a lawyer. YOU don’t need much money up front. (Maybe $50 to file but hey its worth it.)

Your Dad needs to be responsible and not make your Mom pay for everything you need, or beg for the money.

wow that was alot to read
What it all comes down to is your father isnt paying his child support. do you have any idea how common that is?
Also, do you know that giving $400 a month to someone you dont even like (Im guessing your mother is hardly his favourite person) is not very high on a guys priority list?
he should pay of course, that the price of unprotected sex. but unless your mother takes him to court he likely wont.

it wrong of you dad he doesnt deserve your time or love
why dont you get a job so that way you have money of your own and you can save for a car and buy clothes and go out with friends with your own money
that way you can have nice things and it will help your mum out because she wont have to buy clothes for you and you could have a bit save for a car and that way you will have what you want and your mum will be happy because you want be missing out on things

Well I think you should try to change his attitude. Like take him to your favorite places, ask him what’s wrong or do things he likes to do (besides drink) Either than that just stay away and talk to your mom or you relatives about him and decide whether you can change him or not, or do something to help him realized what he has really done.

You seem to be a very material type person.

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