What do you do when people add you as a contact ?

But on THEIR profile it says “don’t add me without asking or you will be blocked”…don’t you think they should ask, too?

Jeez, I’m sorry.

You should give exception to people who live at boom-town.

Everybody knows that!

I always ask first,,, The other night I had a young lady add me without asking, and my profile does say to ask first, she didn’t ask and I thought about blocking her because she’s a level 3 and she answered one of my question and honestly I didn’t like her answer because she was a smart @ss, but I decided to give the girl a chance, her profile says she’s 15 hummmmm. My guard is up on her! I have no problem at all with people adding me, just ask so I know who’s who. I love all my contacts… But by the way my fans look no one is asking me, they are doing it anyways “sigh”

It’s on my profile to ask me first. I never add anyone without asking them.

It seems that every time someone adds me without asking, I suddenly get a pile of violation notices. Even some from as far as back as a month or more ago.

I’ve been somewhat flexible up until now, but in the past week I’ve had a few add me without asking..and BANG. Two violations followed.

I’m tired of the Trolls. Either they add me direct, or they use those who they have connected to. It’s the only tool I have to protect myself, since Yahoo won’t do anything about it.

I’m pleased when someone adds me, It shows they like what i have to say, I also try and contact them to thank them and ask them to keep in touch with me.When a person has private on there profile I don’t even bother to add them no matter how well I might like there answer cause It tells me they don’t want to be bother.I have great people on my contact list and I love each and everyone of them, ALL MY CONTACTS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

I like to ask others if they want to be part of my “nut group.” If I don’t get a response, and had already added them, I delete. The way listed in the question seems threatening though, so most likely I wouldn’t invite that contact. After all, it is relatively easy to edit changes on the profile page and be notified when someone wants to be a contact, or the person can just have their contacts private.

If someone adds me I add them to my contacts. If their profile says don’t add me without asking first I wouldn’t add them.

I think I’ll add to my profile “Don’t ad me as a contact without first making a sizable deposit into my paypal account.” Bollox on the asking for permission, let’s ask for money!!! Woo-hoo, puppy’s getting some fancy treats!

First, my spine stiffens and lightning shoots out my ear. Then I calm down enough to READ their info and see their contacts. If MY contacts on on there too, I’ll email them and get this new persons SSI # and run a check on them. Then I make sure they’ve never been to prison–or been abducted by aliens–I’ve already reached my max on probed contacts. It’s a 50/50 chance I’ll block them anyway–I should just flip a coin.

No offense to anyone who HAS emailed me, but I find it kind of annoying when people email to ask for permission. I don’t say to ask, and I don’t want people to ask.

I do block people who add me if they seem like people I wouldn’t get along with. I also never email anyone who says to ask first….I just add them. I’ve never been blocked by any of those people, either. They’re all talk.

I’ve added a few by accident. Sometimes my finger slips onto the add contact button if the contact is a cute girl.

I do have that on my profile about blocking without asking me first! I do NOT add ANYONE without asking first whether they say to ask or not! That’s just common courtesy!

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