What has Barack Obama been doing to increase civil liberties and overall freedom in the world?

Obama’s focus seems to be upon leveling the playing field in this area

– by taking them away from us.

I have to give kudos to bobbyrich32, above, for listing 14 accomplishments of the Obama administration.

Not one of which increased civil liberties in America, or overall freedom in the world. Most of them increased regulation, which necessarily infringes upon individual rights and liberties.


Democrats and Republicans are the comparable. in the back of close doors Dems and Reps are constantly in contract. To something of the worldwide, they act like they’re against one yet another. This creates the phantasm there are 2 aspects of ever situation. surely, they’re the comparable situation. The important government, run by using bureaucratic servants noted as Democrats and Republicans, comprehend that there is a 11% approval fee of the government by using the U. S. voters. it is unacceptable to the Dems and Reps. they want away to tutor there potential. So turning out to be a terror ecosystem, gets the voters interest. this will additionally enable them to portray they’re doing something for the voters that isn’t be in a position to be refrained from the government. I’t is a forced acceptance of potential in all its tyranny. between the regulations of war while dealing with an exceptional enemy is to divide and conquer, somewhat then to attack your enemies rigidity as an entire. understanding that voters and there constitutional freedoms/rights are a thee governments the main suitable option enemy, turning out to be a diversionary tactic which comprise Republican and Democrat might divide the governments enemies “voters + constitutional freedoms/rights” as quickly as divided, the enemy is plenty extra straightforward to overcome. consequently, as quickly as we are divided, the important government can eliminate freedoms/rights, and enforce tyrannous rules plenty extra straightforward than if we’ve been united. Vote for everybody else as nicely Democrats or Republicans. I’t could nicely be everybody commencing from a third party candidate to Mickey Mouse. do exactly no longer vote for Democrats or Republicans. They have been bought and paid for a protracted time in the past by using bureaucrats. while Dems or Reps are elected, they serve the hobbies of transnational companies that paid for them to get elected, no longer the voters. I’t is the proper performing out of a “solid cop undesirable cop” state of affairs in historic past. in simple terms bear in recommendations; Ron Paul and The Tea party are the Republican party. “I’f your a multi-billion dollar transnational business enterprise and you pay for, a million President + 435 Congressmen + one hundred Senators + 9 preferrred courtroom Justices, then you certainly’ve entire potential over 350,000,000+ voters and all there aspects.” I’f you do no longer believe any of this, you suspect precisely what they wan’t you to have self belief.

I don’t know, what has he done to increase civil liberties and overall freedom in the US? The US is the most fascist state in the world, so work must begin there.

As for the rest of the world, we can take care of ourselves. Please don’t mind.

Nothing much, but how is he taking away liberty?

Well okay, he did extend the Patriot Act, which is a theft of liberty, however what policy of his doing is robbing us of liberty?

What civil liberties have been infringed upon? All politics aside, just curious.


Civil Rights
Jan. 29 2009 – Obama signs the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Reducing discrimination based on gender, age, religion, or race. (source)

Feb. 21 2009 – Obama signs a mercury reduction pact with 140 other nations. The policy reverses roles with George Bush and sets mandatory requirements by the United States. (source)

Mar. 30 2009 – Obama signs the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009, which serves to protect two million acres of land and creates a new system of land conservation for the Bureau of Land Management. (source)

May 19 2009 – Obama teams up with the auto industry to raise the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards to an average of 35.5 mpg by 2016. The program is reported to save up to 1.8 billion barrels of oil or 900 million tons of greenhouse gases. (source)

Foreign Policy

April 2 2009 – Obama helps form a compromise between Presidents of France (Sarkozy) and China (Jintao) over making tax havens more transparent. The two Presidents were in a “heated” argument previous to Obama’s intervention. (source)

Government Reform
Jan. 27 2009 – Administration tells Citigroup bank it is “unacceptable” to pay for a $42 million dollar luxury jet when they have received $45 billion in bailouts from taxpayers. (source)

Feb. 19 2009 – Bans the exception of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from accounting the deficit. This results in a 2.5 trillion dollar increase in calculated deficit to the United States. (source)

Feb. 23 2009 – Announces Earl Devaney to oversee the oversight of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Mr. Devaney worked as a Secret Service agent who exposed lobbyist corruption in the Department of the Interior. (source)

Mar. 9 2009 – Lifts ban on embryonic stem cell research. A major move in changing the politics of research and science in the United States. (source)

May 22, 2009 – Creates a credit card bill of rights. Limits unwarranted spending and gives consumers more options to pay their bills on time. It has been debated if this will negatively affect the industry. (source)

May 22, 2009 – Tries to curb wasteful spending by the Pentagon on the defense budget by signing the Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act. Intended to price contracts and budgets lower; may potentially save billions of dollars in defense. (source)

June 22, 2009 – Allows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have authority over the tobacco industry. (source)


Jan. 23 2009 – Obama orders the close of Guantanamo Bay facility (source)


July 21 2009 – Obama threatens first veto defense budget if $1.75 trillion dollars of additional funding to F-22s are supplied. The argument is that F-22s are obsolete and used less frequently than f-35s. (source)

Nothing , he has been doing quite the opposite

Not a single thing. He’s expanded on the Patriot Act and his administration is pushing for tighter gun controls to name a few.

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