What the difference between Yahoo! Answers and Yahoo! Answers UK/Ireland?

For some weird reason, I found myself logged into Yahoo! Answers UK & Ireland. My profile was the same and all…

I didn’t realize this until later, and I posted a question. Then, when I logged out of UK & Ireland and logged in to the normal one, my question was there too.

I’m confused.

On the US site, the default for questions is ‘All English Questions’, so any question posted to any English-speaking YA site will show up for you. If you look at the bottom left of the page when you sign on, there is a place where you can choose to change that option to “US Questions Only”. If you had done that, you would have seen your question disappear! That option will hold as long as you are signed in to the site, but will reset to the default once you leave.

because, I would ask a question about football (American) in the UK section. I don’t think that they play it there (correct me if i’m wrong). There are many reasons like these. You wouldn’t ask a question about the USA’s economy in Y!A Ireland section. Mostly, for the reasons mentioned, there are different Y!A sections. *Also, in the Mexico section per say, all the Q”s and A’s are in Spanish. So, that is a major factor too. I hope I helped!

That happened to me aswell!….but there is a difference..if you look at the top contributors of the categories..their different.

different country

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