What Training Should I Do Before Joining the Army ?

What kind of fitness training should i do before joining the army, recommendations for amount of running, eating etc

You can get a full fitness training programme at the link below from the army website. It tells you all you need to do and what to practice etc.

You have to register but then you can log in and follow the on line fitness programme so that you’re well prepared.

I hope it helps. Good luck.

Training To Join The Army

Train different muscles each day to give them a break. Muscles grow and develop better when the have one or two days rest.

The recommended amount to eat is about 2000 to 2500 calories for males. While training you would want to have about 2250 to 2750 calories.

Look on the website for the fitness requirements. Its about 45 press ups, 50 sit ups and a 1.5 mile run, although im not sure on this. Do not worry too much if you think you’re not fit enough as they will get you into shape.

But it is a good idea to make a start to make it easier. Start with a 15 minute run and increase it every so often. Do press ups and sit ups until you feel the burn.

I would alternate your run days like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday be run days. Tuesdays and Thursdays be muscle failure days. ALWAYS stretch out; it is a good idea to stretch out if you’re not doing anything that day because it allows for better circulation to your aching muscles from exercise the day before. That will lead to better recovery. If you are bad at endurance then have two days for just straight long distance running and the other for 30-60s. 30-60 means thirty seconds sprinting and one minute of recovery time (walking). You do it for like six counts and then walk until you recover; it is meant to bring your speed up.

As far as the push ups go, before BCT I used the perfect pushup and that helped me out a lot because I was working muscles that you don’t usually work out doing a traditional pushup. Why is this important? Because you can switch positions, using different muscle groups when you get tired. (most common positions: close hand, wide-arm, and regular) In that way you can pump out more push ups. Just don’t raise your hands off the ground when you reposition.

For Abs I would do crunches and knee ups. Dips are good as well. Make sure when you do a sit up your legs are 90 degrees, your feet are flat on the ground, and you keep your fingers interlaced. Do not try to control your fall back as this will take more energy.

A boxer? That’s nice, when you enlist you will find new muscle pain due to fatigue (physical and mental), and lack of sleep. Start running now. If you think you can get through basic training on your own, you are in for a rude awakening, it’s teamwork. Military life is completely different from civilian life. You don’t just join the special forces. You have to earn the right.

To go into the Army you need to be able to do a minimal amount of push-ups, sit-ups and a run. If you can’t meet the standard, they will recycle you a few times and then toss you out.

If you are a female, you need to do about 20 push-ups, about 50 sit-ups, and a 2-mile run in under 18 minutes. Those are minimums!

If you are male, you need to do about 50 push-ups, about 50 sit-ups, and a 2-mile run in under 15 minutes. Those are minimums!

Remember, those numbers are minimums. You always want to well exceed them. Back in the day, when I was active duty Army, if you could do 150% of the minimum while hung-over and puking, you had no worries.

If you arrive at IET able to do the minimum PT score, you are only going to go up.

Thanks for serving.

The U.S. Army fitness standard includes a two-mile run. It’s not a sprint, but it’s not a walk in the park, either. If you worked your way up to running two miles a day over, say, four to six months, and worked your way up to a hundred push-ups a day (you can break it up into five groups of twenty), you’ll be in pretty good shape to begin Basic Combat Training…oh, and learn to say “YES DRILL SERGEANT!” while standing rigidly at attention.

1. Increase your endurance and stamina by running at least twice a day.

2. Start doing pushups, striving to do at least 10 or more at first. Build your capability to do at least 50 pushups in a minute.

3. Do pullups and situps regularly.

This should get you started.

Jog. Short(ish) distances at first, lightly clothed. Increase the distance and the weight you carry. Keep jogging. When you’re absolutely exhausted run another half mile.
The man who can always run another half mile will always win the battle.

its not ab fitness only a small bit . its v hard to get into the army (irish army )

get ur interviews skills oiled.

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