What would happen if everyone decided they weren’t going to vote, not one soul show up for the elections?

Would the electoral college vote in that instance or how would they decide who would win?

I have advocated this for sometime. No one vote. Yes I will get a lot of crap for this, but we need to send a message to the elite that we are in control. We the people need to make a stand and take back our government. We want people that will listen to the people. Make a stand. When we can get people that run for the people and by the people and listen to us.

The electoral college is elected by the voters. No votes, no electoral college to vote. Then I guess I would decide who is President because I vote come hell or high water. Then Missouri would be the only state in the electoral college and it would carry the day. Congress would not help because if everyone stayed home then no one would be elected to the House of Representatives and they are to decide who would be President. The only politicians left in DC would be 2/3s of the Senate so I guess the President Pro Temp would become Commander in Chief. So congratulations, you’ve just elected (by non-participation) a KKK Kleagle to the Oval Office. Robert Byrd of West Virginia

Then the Democrats would load up the buses, vote and win every election.

each state would just cast their vote regardless of whether anyone voted or not

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