What would you like to see for the Obama administration to be more transparent?

I know one of Obama’s goals is to have a very transparent executive office — meaning the public will have access to any information appropriate (i.e., not relating to national security). I know he plans to have a website where anyone can view the money spent in the stimulus plan ( http://recovery.gov/ ), but…

I’d like to know how much power certain groups and people have. Obama as President is a mere puppet. As was Bush. I want to know who pulls the strings.

But that’s the government as a whole. As for Obama, I can’t think of anything I would want to see. For sure progress in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not just a speech of how its well or looks good, etc. But actual details of what’s going on. I’m not sure what media sources I can actually trust on those affairs and they tend to contradict each other. I’d like to hear it straight from him.

I’d like to see more transparency in the banks. The public has to guess right now whether Citi or Bank of America will be nationalized or if the government will take an equity investment in their common stock. The brokerage companies however are leaked these details days in advance. There is too much insider information in the US stock market. Either tell everyone or no one.

obvious and Obama are 2 words that don’t belong in the equivalent sentence. he’s the king of back door dealings , the lord of lies , a corrupt rewarder of persons who backed him and voted his unqualified self into place of activity, the savior of different pastime businesses and the duke of denying open and equivalent get right of entry to of records to republicans. Eric Holder will might desire to be coated up in opposition to the wall and shot for treason, he and Obama stood via whilst individuals have been killed and then they secure up and buried tips and documents. obvious ? maximum probable no longer the king of the democrats. And he’s not and on no account may be my president.

he has to show us a birth certificate!!! We should be worrying about him not even being a legal citizen!! We have to find a way for him to hear us and it’s not going to be through yahoo answers…duh….but it will be important to let him know that we are very disappointed in him. and that we deserve a better president like MCCAIN!!!!!AND PALIN!!!!!!!

~when i said we i meant the United States of America
~when i said he i meant Barack Obama

Gone, comes to mind.

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