Which car to take to prom?

I have to choices of cars to dirve to prom with my date(GF). Either my dad’s 2009 BMW X5(white), or my 2007 Acura TL(navy blue). Their both automatic….Thnx

navy blue… definitely the navy blue one 🙂

Take your dad’s BMW, it’ll be something out of the ordinary since you always drive your car, and it shows you want to make the night special.

BMW the whole way! but then again choose a car that matches with you two’s outifts

I think the car looks more idk what the word i’m looking for but it seems more like the thing to take. All thou the BMW is bigger and it might be nicer for your date to get in and out of in a dress. I know i had my boyfriend drive his parents pick-up instead of his car for that reason.

No brainer. Take the BMW

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Take the one with more leg room. Especially if your date has a dress she does not want to mess up.

even though bmws are a piece of poop and arent reliable at all, id go with that because its nicer

ha…so your daddys BMW or Your….daddys Acura…. humm id go with the acura

the BMW

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