White girl dating Indian man, need advice on sex?

I’ve dated a really nice Indian guy for a month now, great chemistry, good kisser, etc. He’s lived here for about 8 years, so he’s familiar with the american dating scene. but with the cultural difference, I’m afraid that having sex too early might affect our relationship somehow. I’m not…

It all depends where is he coming from and what are his views about a “good girl” .. Sex is a natural instinct but religious programming makes it look like sin. Ofcource promiscuity/cheating is, but not sex. Many indian people make a big deal about sex and don’t marry out of their race cos of promiscuity. If he loves you he ll love you for you.. if hes looking for sex/conquest, he won’t stay whether u do it right now or not. If you do it you ll know what he wants.


white girl dating indian man advice sex

You are right!
Go slow on sex as that is the formula for long term relationship!

treat him just like any other guy,especially since ur just having fun,culture will not change who we are,if he is good it will not change anything,but i think you should get to know each other,in character not as ethnics,get to know if he is real or a jerk,all the best sweetheart

well im a muslim, so im preety close….but i don’t think u need 2 worry about sex issues unless he asks u about it (which he shouldn’t). in case he does talk about having sex…..then talk 2 him about how u don’t wanna have sex and all that….and im sure he’ll understand.

enjoy somethings should not be late

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