Why aren’t these Wall Street Investment Bankers who committed mass fraud during 2008 not in jail?

I am an American from a middle class background, with a good education who served my country during the first Gulf war. My family and friends were hit hard during this 2008 recession, like millions of Americans.

I was brought up with a good moral base and never looked at money as the primary reason for being put…

You are the ultimate american role model. we need people like you with good messages. keep up the good work my fellow citizen.

these bankers should share a cell with Bernie Madoff.

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They are being investigated right now. Part of the reason it is taking as long as it is has to do with the nature of their alleged behavior: because it is not explicitly illegal to tell one customer something is garbage, and then tell another customer it is perfect for them, and then to sell short (betting against the financial products the trader just sold to investors) it will be very hard to prove a crime was committed. The gigantic companies that went brankrupt did so because they had purchased investments they did not understand, with much more risk than they realized. Their financial naivete was bad for the country but it might not be criminal.

Because what they did isn’t technically illegal. What should have happened is the banks go bankrupt for making lousy bets. But that didn’t happen, and they gave each other bonuses with taxpayer money.

Because they didn’t commit fraud. They were working within the rules.

The real question should be why people like Barney Frank aren’t in Jail for setting those rules up and ignoring when questions were raised about future problems.

one of them was just sentenced a couple days ago.

They pay our leaders to look the other way.

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