Why can’t mormons watch rated-r movies?

I know, i know, it’s supposed to be a personal choice for them, but honestly most mormons see rated-r movies as immoral. why is it wrong for them to watch rated-r movies if they’re over 18? they’re obviously gonna be mature enough to handle the content, it’s not like it’s rated-m or anything….

Because their leaders said it was wrong so it must be true to them. What you’ll notice is that the Mormon church has a policy on just about every controversial topic known to man.

Some Mormons won’t even watch PG-13 or television shows that have some language that isn’t suitable for 5 year olds.

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For people who don’t want to go to the effort to read reviews about every movie they think of watching, ratings can give you a basic idea of the level of content you are likely to encounter. I guess most assume that they were rated that way for a reason.

Personally I find that it depends on the type of content. I’m likely to be fine with an R rated movie if it’s rated that way for violence, especially if it’s in context, like a realistic war documentary. But if it’s rated for sex, I’m a bit more squeamish. There are even PG movies that have more sexual content than I am comfortable with, so I don’t trust ratings nearly as much as most other mormons do.

The average Mormon won’t watch a rated-R movie unless it is historical in some way.

They just do whatever their leaders tell them to do and they told them watching rated-R movies wasn’t recommended. They believe the first law of the religion is obedience, so they take it seriously.

A. if you hear swearing (in a movie) you will most likely repeat it.
B. The violence can never be forgotten.
C. Smae with full frontal nudity, especially a man, he just does nto forget what he saw and seeing another person naked is a sin.

@Actually Witness, I think “R” movies have some porno in them.

Too bad LDS can;t see the passion of the Christ because it is “R” rated and because it was never put out by the LDS church so they do not want to see how much jesus suffered for their sins, on the cross instead of as they claim it was all in the garden.

The Passion of the Christ was rated R! It totally depends on why the movie is rated R since an R rating doesn’t necessarily mean nudity, sex, or whatever. Nor does a lesser rating mean the movie doesn’t contain sexual situations or even some nudity.

its like this.
once upon a time, there was a prophet that understood that movies were heading toward pornagraphy. and what was once called X-rated has become R rated.
now X rated movies have become whoredoms and lasciviousness.

r rated movies do not make as much as family entertainment movies.
I worked in a theatre for ten years. i always had free movies as part of the contract, and i often watched movies as they were preveiwed after hourse. i watched everything, and my REAL life experience is that my “dreams” are more pornographic, even against my will despite whether i watched an R rated movie. but, that doesnt mean its “better”!

a good movie doesnt need to have sex or violence or bad language. a good movie needs good actors and good script writers.

rated R movies do leave bad after “tastes” in the soul.
and they do influence dreams and nightmares. but so does sorcery and mind control.

“R” rated movies (and many of the PG and PG-13 movies) portray a wicked lifestyle, where people experiment with drugs, have sex irresponsibly, and sware like 11-year-olds, all without consequence. Hollywood is creating a new society, and a new expectation of behavior, but it isn’t a better society. Hollywood movies are like electronic pedaphiles, which everyone lets into their homes. He’s just a nice old man. Let him play with the children.

Mormons I know are really into ‘clean living’ and family. I guess that most r rated films don’t reflect the values they share.

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