Why w.bush could not able to catch asama bin ladin dead or alive as he promise his nation?

Have you got any idea of where he is hiding? Take a look at the terrain where he’s holed up, as well as the countries we have to deal with to try and catch him. It ain’t that easy pal. It’s not like the President has anything else to deal with. If Bin Laden is still alive (no one really knows for sure) he’ll turn up eventually, and then we’ll have him.

NOPE! surely, you are able to element your finger at bill Clinton. back while he substitute into president, he substitute into surpassed Bin encumbered on a silver platter, purely bill substitute into too busy playing golf to provide up and sign the order. needless to say, Bin encumbered have been given away and concealed interior the hills of Afghanistan. That substitute into our ONE and purely hazard at a sparkling shot on Bin encumbered. As bill left workplace, he whispered into George’s ear that Bin encumbered substitute right into a threat. Now because 911 Bush has spent a fortune bribing informants to capture Bin encumbered. inspite of the undeniable fact that Bush has controlled to take out a number of Bin encumbered’s stunning hand adult adult males, we’ve in no way gotten Bin encumbered himself. there substitute into over again that we very virtually had him, however the operation had to be aborted on the final minute, because of the fact of inadequate adult adult males. hiya! that is not precisely like a map quest journey going after Bin encumbered. the guy is continually shifting from one cave to a distinctive to dodge capture. it would be like attempting to locate a needle in a haystack that selection into being tossed around. subsequently, we are searching for for one guy interior the mountains of Afghanistan, variety of impossible. So, my chum, that is not Bush that’s a failure, yet extremely Clinton, who did no longer grab the 2nd, while he substitute into the president. all of us comprehend what Bush might do and all of us comprehend what Clinton did no longer do. My question to you is what might Obama do with Bin encumbered, if he had the possibility? no longer plenty!

First of all you need to work on your grammar and spelling. Second, he’s really trying. We’re dropping tons of bombs all over the region. And heh, giving 110 percent and putting forth true effort is admirable enough isn’t it? Besides they probably already got him, there is just no enough of him left even for a DNA test. Bombs away!

bush is the best president we have ever had it’s to bad pu$$y’s like you have to hate him for having the balls to make a diffrence.

i’d speculate because osama is hiding in the same place where saddam hid the weapons of mass destruction. poor intelligence onfo

Because then we wouldn’t have a villain to hate.

he promised, but he started to have different priorities

because they are friend.

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