Will stock Muffler from a 2005 Mustang Gt fit my 2005 Ford Mustang V6?

If it’s the left and right side model, yes, they should be able to fit.

It relies upon on in case you opt for a 4.6 liter or a 5.0 liter the 5.0 is a tried and actual way. I particularly have a chum that races interior the actual street classification. And he has a the 302 with some differences he’s working interior the low 10 2d selection. I had a 1997 GT and a 2003 SVT and that i additionally had a 87,89 and a 1993. I enjoyed them all of the recent seem from 05-09 is a robust working gadget and is a nostalgic tribute to the mustangs of previous. in case you like the main bang to your greenback so a procedures as a turn around to your cash you opt for a convertible by way of fact there replace into much less made. desire this enables. Uncle Rob

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