At what age do you think an elderly person should stop driving?

There shouldn’t be a particular age -my mother is 79 & doing well, but some people 10 or 15 years younger than she is should no longer be using their cars. I agree with the person who suggested that at a particular age (i.e., 65 or 70) people should be tested -and if they can’t pass an acuity test they should have to turn in their licenses.

The oldest Pilot, flying above us, was 95 years old, which takes a little bit more skill than a steering wheel, gas pedal and brake.

As someone that has been around old people a lot and have interviewed them about their age, I can tell you that it is as varied as you can imagine.

One 70 year old can be a much worse driver than a 90 year old. The one thing that most young people don’t understand about them is that there are two types of old people.

Those that know when they shouldn’t drive and are scared to drive and those that don’t know they shouldn’t drive. Most are in the “scared” group.

Almost all of them see taking away their license is taking away their independence. Most children don’t handle this right for their elderly parents.

The attitude by the children is, “Mom (or Dad) doesn’t need to drive anymore. We will get their groceries and get the things they need and they will just have to wait a little longer as we can get to it with our busy schedule.”

That is terrible and the worst thing you can do. All you have to do is find a blind lady or man and see how they do it. They use a taxi. Instead of paying for a car and insurance, they spend the money on a cab. There will be little difference between the cost of a cab and owing a car with the gas, upkeep and insurance.

Your mom or dad doesn’t have to loose the independence and they don’t need to be “dependent” on you. Simply tell them that they are going to have to get a cab from now on. Most taxi companies have discount cards for senior citizens and are an excellent gift for your aging parents. Not only will they take them where they need to go, the driver also helps them with getting their groceries in and out of the car.

Just think of it as Driving Mrs. Daisy on a budget.

It depends on the mental capabilities of the elderly person. Some 90 year old persons are still good drivers, while some others should stop at 65 years of age.

that is age discrimination through fact not all elderly human beings have impairments. What age might you place the hot regulations at? How approximately sixty 5? that is around the retirement age for many human beings so could we initiate checking them then? the place I stay (Maine) maximum injuries contain white adult males. Granted I stay in Maine the place there are tremendously much no minorities. could we attempt each white male each few years to make confident they’re risk-free on the roads? The statistics say we actually could. specific distinctive older drivers might nicely be risky. So can youthful drivers (you assumed the guy become a “punk” teen, initially). could we attempt youthful and older drivers each twelve months to make confident they’re risk-free on the roads?

My Momma still drives excellent at 87 yrs old as she is alert and does not poke or play around on cell phones like some people do with little common sense and much younger. Most accidents happen with younger drivers and that is a fact!

I feel that everyone over 70 should have to take annual acuity tests to make sure that they are safe on the road. One of my friends has yet to stop her 90-yr-old mother WHO HAS NARCOLEPSY from driving her 88 Buick! brrrrrrrr gives me chills just thinking about being on the road at the same time as someone who can go to sleep at any time without warning!

People should stop driving at 70 & start driving at 30. Both groups are the main reasons for accidents.

I think as long as their vision and other senses are in good shape they can keep on driving, but you gotta be careful with them because some won’t admit that there is something wrong and can get hurt. A doctor can probably tell them if they should quit based on a physical exam

Depends on the person they should be tested every year after 65 to see how capable they are to still drive.


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