Dear Christians, I have a problem here?

I believe in equal rights and I don’t understand why God cares if some guys do it up the butt when there are so many other, more important things He needs to pay attention to.

Also, I don’t understand why the government needs to legalize gay marriage if there is a separation between church and state (and…

Well, you’ve got to approach the Bible with a proper understanding of God. In this case, you have to understand that He is sovereign over His creation (which includes as His creatures human beings), and that His moral law is absolute, perfect (because God is perfect and cannot contradict Himself), and unchangeable (the term is “immutable”, theologically speaking). God’s standards of moral conduct are a reflection of who He is. Absolute morality flows from the very nature of God, so it isn’t really that God is “pay[ing] attention” to this or that issue, it is that the Bible defines law (moral/behavioral code) just as it defines who God is (Isaiah does a wonderful job of it)–but both direct descriptions of God and indirect descriptions of God, defining His standards of moral conduct (law) instead of describing His attributes directly, are descriptions of God.

It is also important to understand that man was created to have dominion over the earth, and because it was God’s good pleasure to create him; and that woman was created to be a helper and companion to the man and to have co-dominion over the earth with him. Woman was made for man, and God presented the woman to the man in the Garden of Eden. Homosexuality is a perversion of God’s created and moral order.

Also, it is essential to understand that man and woman are to be married and given in marriage because a married Christian man and woman (ideally in a loving, faithful relationship) are a representation on earth of the relationship between Christ and His church, with Christ the groom (older term = “bridegroom”) and the church is His bride. Read Ephesians Chap. 5 in it’s entirety if you want to have a better understanding of that concept.

Homosexuality defies God’s law, perverts His moral order, and thus runs contrary to God’s very nature. As far as God “paying attention” to it over something else, it is also important to understand that God is described in the Bible as omnipresent, eternal, sovereign, and omnipotent, so He can pay attention to every single aspect of His creation (which includes you and me, His creatures) simultaneously. He knows about every single violation of his moral standards, whether it’s homosexuality, adultery, thievery, or whatever.

But here’s the good news: God is not a one-dimensional being. He is not only wrathful, jealous (of people worshipping anything other than Himself), judgmental, etc. He is simultaneously loving, and He loves His creatures (humans, in this case) enough to have provided a way to receive atonement for their sins (a sin is committed every time any person commits an act that is a violation of God’s law), something they cannot do on their own. God is perfectly just, holy, and righteous, so He must punish sin, and so He created Hell as a final punishment for sinners. But He provided humans a way out because He is also perfect love. If we repent of our sins, turn away from our sins, accept Jesus Christ (God) as lord and savior, and believe that Jesus Christ (fully man and fully God, thus a perfect man) was crucified and resurrected for our sins, we are saved from punishment because our sins are at that moment [of salvation] instantly atoned for. Homosexuality is a sin, but it can be forgiven if the homosexual repents from his sin and no longer continues in it.

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Some people focus on one sin more than another, but we are taught all sin is wrong. I do not have to agree what a person as to what they do in the bedroom, anymore than I do have to with someone who lies, commits adultery or steals. I will not side with them, but it will not stop me from liking them. We all sin.
I have never kept what I felt a secret and still keep my friends. I just can not vote for something I believe is wrong. I could not support someone who lied, why should I on the other. I would not go out and point fingers at them either. I feel this is wrong. The hatred, bashing or verbal abuse is wrong.
There is a saying that I like, “Hate the sin, love the sinner”.
You can stand up for what you feel is right, without being mean or spiteful I feel.

Man can see (police) what; but God also sees why (1 Samuel 16:7).

Here’s how I interpret it and this is not Biblical law, simply my analysis.

A person is neither born gay nor straight. A person is simply born, God’s creation.

I believe we all can be attracted to both sexes. No matter how straight a Guy or a girl is they can be aroused by the same sex. Example: If you put a Guy or a girl in a room alone and make them watch a gay porn a hundred, a thousand, or 10,000 times, they’re bound to get an erection or orgasm at least one time.

That may be why the Bible tells us not to have sexual relations with the same sex in the Old and New Testament. God knew that having gay and lesbian sex would be a temptation to some just as having sex with a family member is a temptation to some. He simply tells us not to act on it.

Here’s where I think the difference between gays and straights come in. Some heterosexuals may have some homosexual thoughts or feelings in the past but they didn’t act on them. Homosexuals they get the thoughts and the feelings and they act on it.

A 13 year old boy may watch a gay porn for the first time and realizes he gets an erection. That doesn’t mean he’s gay I’m pretty sure he would get an erection watching dogs and ducks have sex. But the boy chooses to act on his feelings and continues to watch gay porn. After a certain point he will consider himself a homosexual and I’m sure he would become more attracted to males as a result. It doesn’t mean he was born gay, it doesn’t mean he isn’t straight. He simply enjoys the same sex sexually.

So, I don’t necessarily think it’s a choice I think it’s a lifestyle.

Just as a young girl can grow up attracted to her brother. I’m sure plenty girls think their brother is cute at one point. Some choose not to act on it but a few accept it and grow up to be more and more attracted to their brother. But they weren’t born only attracted to same family sex.

But we have to avoid that lifestyle as God says. It is only a temptation of this world. For you cannot love the temptations of this world and love God at the same time. You will love one more than the other.

I don’t think we should hate our homosexual brothers and sisters that would make us hypocrites. We should love our neighbor as we love ourself.

That’s what I believe.
God Bless

Marriage is an institution regardless if it is in the Church or not. I am not going to tell God what he should or should not agree with. I realize that we live in a republic and a theocracy is not ideal for many reasons. It is not as much that i care about what two consenting adults do. Its the fact that marriage is an institution that has always been defined as a commitment made between a man and a women. Now we have a special interest group trying to redefine an institution that does not and has never included them. If this ever goes to court and gets pressed by honest judges those states allowing for this could get themselves into trouble. We cannot constitutionally allow gay marriage unless we pull it away from its grammatical sense and what the writers clearly understood at the time it was written. We could be in very real trouble if this is allowed to continue. Not as much because of gay marraige but because of the other things that this could open. The constitution is a document that protects we the people from the government. This could open pandoras box the same way that abortion did.

You can believe in God, while understanding that the Bible is a book of BS written by a bunch of sexist men. Church is not about God, it is about control, and Catholicism is the worst by far, banning birth control to increase their numbers among many thing. God loves gay people as long as they are good people. No one can prove otherwise!

You do have a problem there.

People have problems, because the dont’ follow God’s standarts.

Seriously, good for you.

Really hard to believe you’re Catholic with what came out of your mouth. So to speak.

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