Do older people even care about the younger generations future?

I am 19 and I voted for Obama both in the primaries and the General election. I am really glad I took part in the election process, because I felt like my voice was surely heard election night.Why don’t the older people get it that the 18-25 age group is the future of this country? College-age kids are…

We the older people of the United States of America are very gla to let you the younger generation vote, but remember one thing ALL Campiagn promises are just that PROMISES. What the younger generation and the rest of the people need to do is take a class in American government. To see exactly how the system works. Just because the majority is now Democrats in congress it does not mean that everything Obama promised will come to light. He cannot sign a law to be implemented unless there is at least 2/3 of the votes approving his bill. You cannot allow yourself to become mismerized by anyones smooth talking and I’m afriad that is exactly what has happened here. I want change just like the next person, but I am more careful who I believe and I trust. Plus I have a gift of knowing if a person is worthy or not and I have never been wrong. I knew we were in trouble when Bush was running and boy was I proven right. Not once but twice. The seond time people voted for him was because he had morals. Go figure. What blind mentallity and I fear that is excatly what has happened here Obama can talk the talk real good. After all the learned from the best speakers.

Good to hear that you voted, I however wasn’t old enough to vote in this election but I did help campaign for Obama and will be old enough to vote in the next election

Anyways, the adults say were naive because of the high school kids, a lot of my peers have no interest in politics at all, all they know is to support obama to be cool and etc. and after the election they probably could give a crap about political news and what he’s done in office.

Kids these days don’t realize that their education is for themselves and their future, and many are really spoiled and don’t know what hard work is since they get whatever they want at ease.

I’m an older voter who is real concerned about the younger generation. Why am I?
1. The younger generation, first home buyers, played a large roll in the mortgage disaster that caused our economic melt down.
2. The younger generation, and their wallet full of credit cards, ran up huge debts that they can’t pay. Another reason for our economic melt down.
3. The younger generation wants affordable college tuition. Well guess what? It wasn’t affordable when I went to college but I did so and paid off all my loans.
4. The younger generation wants affordable health care. Guess what? I’m now the older generation and so do I but I have a problem. Fifty percent of my life savings was lost. Why? See what the younger generation did in item one and two above.

They have this belief that Obama would ruin our future. What a joke.

Look what happened the last 4 years
I personally dislike both Obama and McCain but Obama is bad and McCain is worse

i’ve got faith that those that don’t learn the instructions of historic previous are doomed to repeat them. the USA of a is the terrific u . s . a . on earth. Hover, there are those bent to destroy it. the middle fo te American shape is to guard Liberty and Freedom. yet there are those for the time of our historic previous that have labored to deprave this maximum staggering appropriate embodied in this checklist. We as a collective physique can shelter this u . s . a . if we combat for adherence to the better ideals of our Founding Fathers. We might desire to additionally seem to our engineers, scientists, farmers and inventors to proceed to enhance mechanisms and practices which will enable us to take care of the ambience. We might desire to discover ways to sell the ideas of performance that are being suppressed with the help of the grasping powers that be. there is a lot we’d desire to do. there is wish that we are able to bypass on a international this is extra suitable than we’ve comprehend yet on condition that we help the ideals of the previous.

Obamas spending is ruining your future

If you were an older voter you would be smart enough to realize that

Um the 1st poster nailed it on the head.

The spending Mr. Obama has put into motion is going to destroy not only your future but your children’s future-

Obama is running this country in the ground already!

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