FISA Bill passes Senate. One Senator from Ill, go’s against his principles and votes Yes.One from Wis votes NO

Democratic Senator Feingold Stood by his Principles and voted NO on the FISA Bill. The Jr. Senator from Ill. voted YES.
Going directly aganist his platform and rhetoric since the
Election Season began. Whats Principle is Barack going
to go back on next. Whats your thoughts America.

Yes, another one of Obama’s “changes” in action. I’m really surprised he didn’t vote Present.

I wonder if his supporters will even admit to the fact that he has lied once again. He only stands for whatever will get him elected. He knows that his loyal supporters will still blindly follow him no matter what he says or does.

It’s a real shame that they can’t see this man for who he really is. It seems to me that his supporters don’t really care what he stands for or what he really wants to do if elected.

Senator Obama all during the Primary hooped and hollered
about this Nasty invasive FISA Bill. How could the Pubs
allow this horrible thing to go on in America. He was outraged
that the pubs wanted to protect the communications carrier
from suit. Feingold said the same thing. Right along with
Barack Hussein Obama. But low and Behold. What took
place in the final vote. Feingold held to his principles. And
the Cheap suit from Chicago jumped ship and went with
the money vote. Pandering all the way. So Obama people
you need to give your guy a real good look. He is not who
he tells you he is.

obama HAS NO core principles…….. However I do have to agree the FISA bill passing is a GOOD Thing, so he does get an OK on that,, but he is still a low-like pandering to which ever audience is before him pile of pig excrement.

Obama can’t make his mind up without his puppeteer telling him what to say over the teleprompter.

It will not be the last time that Obama will go back on what he has said.

It’s funny how people don’t look at Obama’s voting record more wonder what other things he has done….

I think Obama is another idiot that just happens to have a seat in the US Senate.

Without a doubt, I’m glad he showed some sense and voted for the bill.
I don’t believe Obama ever dreamed his candidacy would get so far; he was putting out 1960’s style information just to get press space.
Well, now he is the front runner and he realizes, he has to do ‘Presidential Thinking’. Far cry from coffee house conversation.

He is going with what McCain goes with, cause he dosnt know any better. He keeps changing the “change”. By nov. he wont know what issues he is for or against.

Mr. Obama is surly becoming the” typical Illinois politician” and has lied to America about being the “CHANGE” president after all. bet his supporter will have to see this one.for just what it is, Sure he has a good tale to tell them though. But, doesn’t he always.

Obama is an unpatriotic anti-american that changes his mind on every issue in order to try to appeal to everyone in America, just so he can win the election. He figures that if he votes against our rights one day, and for out rights another, then both sides will only remember that he voted for them at one point. This is disgusting, and Obama is completely unfit to be president if no one knows what he stands for…

I was extremely disappointed in Obama for not sticking with this. FISA is blatantly unconstitutional; But I knew as soon as it passed it would never go away. Honestly; What potential President from either party is ever going to give up the power to know who his enemies are and what they’re communicating with one another? Tragic.

Still; Obama remains leaps, bounds, and galaxies better than McSame…

I guess we know..whatever Obama wants Obama gets

there’s no exception to the rule
wake up you Obama fool’s
give in
give in

Give in?

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