I think my dogs hav peeing proplems?

Suddenly my pomeranian/poodle/pekinese has been peeing everwhere especialy on my bed!!!!!!!!!! thats something he never used 2 do….i try 2 punish him & put him into his cage but wen i think he learned his lesson i let him out & he does it again…idk how else 2 teach him…any suggestionzzz?!?!?!?!?!?

also my…

Does your dog shove his head or nose under your hand for you to pet him?

Does your dog sleep on your bed – pillow or close to the top – even over your head if possible? (like between the head board and pillow)?

Does your dog not play until YOU initiate play with him?

Do you feed your dog from your plate or before you eat?

If you answered yes then you need to change the Alpha roll in your home… just stop doing or allowing all of the above.

PS… the crate should never be used for punishment.. use ***mothers correction**** . It will also allow you to take over Alpha position immediately… (smiles).

When it is hot dogs consume a lot of water but if you are concerned about the amount of his liquid release then a call to the vet is a cheap price to pay. AND if it is out of the ordinary – then the vet will have you bring your besenji in to the office.

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Do they intake more water now that it is summer?? That may be the cause. Take both dogs out to go potty more often because they are drinking more water now that it’s summer. By taking them out more it will insure that your Pom/poodle/peke dog has an empty bladder and wont pee on your bed and your Besenji most likely wont be going as long because his bladder wont be so full. It really doesn’t sound like anything serious but if your really concerned having them examined by a vet wont hurt anything. It may give you a peace of mind knowing that they are OK. Good luck

My poodle had been house trained for years and he started going anywhere and everywhere. He also started drinking alot. I took him to the Vet and found out he is diabetic. He now gets insulin shots and it doing fine.

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