Isn’t funny gas prices have never been as high than in George W. Bush’s term in office?

This guy is collapsing the economy, destroying the middle class, raising gas prices to new highs, we have an endless pointless war in Iraq, the dollar is being devalued etc…etc….Bush has basically almost destroyed this country.But still people support this moron! Amazing isn’t it?

And its even funnier when they blame the democratic congress. Even tho they are trying to help out the people. It just so happens that Bushy veto’s everything they try to pass, just cause hes a dick and doesnt care about the american people.

So why didn’t the fabulous Al Core get in the saddle & run for office? Was it because he bought miltary oil surplus & made so much money that his “Inconvient Truth” proceeds go to his global warming project? The oil companies just laugh all the way to their off shore banks while we wallow in the “Let’s Blame Bush” dumpster. Why the American People cannot get an effective campaign to get Congress or the Senate to lower gas prices temporarily, we don’t want to hurt big oil’s profit margins to much, instead of “talking” about a “windfall profits tax” is about as unpatriotic & moronic as it gets. A tax puts the money in govt. pockets & not in gas tanks.

Blame Bush Syndrome. Ignore the fact global demand is higher than at any point in history. Forget that democrats will not allow us to tap ANWR, coastal oil, and shale oil in the continental United States. And just blame Bush. It has nothing to with the laws of supply and demand or the Dems folding like a deck of cards to the environmentalists.

I not a big fan of bush either but wouldn’t the industrialization of china have something to do with supply and demand.
And I guess it’s bush’s fault that all the time that gas was so low that we had the time and money to make bigger vehicles that were gas guzzlers.
yeah bush did it all, nobody else works in the big ferderal government
Even I’m not that stupid.

As annoying as the people who still support him are, I’ve got a much harder time with those who voted for him in 2004 and now disapprove of him. Could Kerry really have been worse? Or were they just not paying attention for the first 4 years?

Back in 2006 Nancy pelosi said the dems had a plan to lower prices. It either didnt work or she lied.

They really went up when the Democrats took over congress

Dee between China, Russia, and North Korea is the real reason why we do not attack Iran. Iran is the Asian Union oil.

or when the democrats have control of congress.

I don’t remember these problems 2000-2004.

Since when would you call trying to divert war funds for armor, or taxing entrepreneurs to pay for special interests and social experiments “helping” people.

funny no, tragic certainly when you consider the REAL reasons.

root war causes like no response to uss cole, african embassy bombings and at least six chances to capture or kill bin laden in sudan…CLINTON.

largest tax increase in us history and taxation of social security…CLINTON.

the montana land grab rezoneing millions of midwest acres environmentally protected and unavailable for domestic oil exploration….CLINTON.

curtailing of new oil exploration tax credits …PELOSI

author of the sub prime lending mess HENRY CISNEROS/CLINTON

36000 carded requests for pork barrel spending authored without debate tied to the defense bill effectively equating defense of this nation to …no im not making this up…PEANUT STORAGE….PELOSI

29 billion on pork spending tied to the second defense bill with the justification of …”we didnt get our chance under republican budgets.” HARRY REID

757gate PELOSI

the jefferson bribery scandal…PELOSI

just to name a few….

again, the answer to your question is…funny no, tragic and liberal caused…YES….and it would help loads if you truly understood events that you post/rant about in the future.


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