Should i go to the Hospital For a bad ingrown toe nail?

Iv had this Ingrown toe nail for 3 weeks now and its gotten to the point where iv been to the doctor 3 times for Antibiotics and its still a bit infected but i can’t go to my family doctor till next Thursday and the pain is really bad. My foot looks bad and blood all over it from me trying to get the nail out…

I wouldn’t suggest going to a chiropodist (foot specialist) because it sounds like it’s gone too far and they might just anger it further. I have had ingrowing toenails (so appreciate the extreme pain you are going through) went to a chiropodist for a year which seemed to just make it worse, went to a different one and she told me all she could do was give it a good clean but looks like I need to go to the doctor who could then refer me to a hospital appointment. If the doctor is not referring you, then change your doctor. My doctor referred me to hospital treatment – the option that was better for me was that I had to get my 2 big toenails removed, but that might not be the option for you, they might just remove a small part of the nail. This option was better for me because I have a wide nail bed and would probably have had to go through it all again in 6 months time but everybodys different. I’ve made this sound awfully daunting, but this happened to me less than a year ago when I was 19. I totally freaked out about it but it’s really not a big deal and they gave me anaesthetic in both feet so I didn’t feel a thing after the injections.
This might not even be the case for you but do NOT under any circumstances keep continuing to try and solve the problem yourself, you will only anger it and cause yourself more pain. Go to the doctors, ask them to refer you asap and really highlight how much pain you are in to try and speed the process along and then see what the hospital might do to help you.
I don’t want you to freak out about what I said though, it wasn’t a big deal, I’m completely over it now and have absolutely no pain! What happened with me might not be the case for you but it’s always best to get a professional opinion.

It sounds like this has gone beyond the level of self treatment. You definitely need to see a doctor before it gets worse. If you’ve already been to a doctor several times, it’s time to try another one. I don’t think you should go to the hospital for this first. See what your doctor tells you to do.

No you need to see a Podiatrist and have them remove the ingrown toenail

Go to a podiatrist, foot doctor

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