Spoiled or OCD? Question about a four year old.?

The little girl I take care of goes into absolutely massive attacks if she doesn’t get her way on certain issues, usually centered on things she feels she must do daily. For example, when her two year old brother awakes from nap, she feels she must, must, must be the one to open his door. When I or a parent…

This type of behaviour is not normal for a child at the age of 4. I would advise the family to have her observed by a psychologist because she appears to be showing signs of OCD or Aspergers (a highly functional form of autism, I will provide a link for you). THe psychologist should be able to help out the parents or yourself in dealing with her and deciding things to do. A child with OCD or Aspergers can be dealt with and function in society as a seemingly normal person; they just deal with things differently and tend to take a different route to getting to the same destination. Good luck!

I would suggest, only as someone very interested in child behavior, that you suggest to the parents to have a pshycologist visit the house and observe her for as long as it takes to get a professional opinion.
I absolutely would use medication as a very last resort.
I would also suggest that more art & music activities are incorporated into her daily life schedule. Music is very powerful, and classical like Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Brahms, and Mozart have been proven to have marvelous effects on child behavior…play it in the background as she naps, draws, or plays.
Give her a detailed paint/art set with many different options for her to choose from. See what she does with them and if this helps keep her active mind stay busy.
This could be signs of a younger age child with above normal intelligence who simply has been expected to act her age, not her IQ.
I hope some of this helps or makes sense. Please try the music and art. So many children NEED these.

4 yos like to help. Let her.
Kids like routine. It helps them know what to expect.
Kids are also eccentric sometimes.
I doubt this is OCD. That stems from depression and I seriously doubt she is depressed at this age or you would know it.
If they think she has this, she SHOULD go to the doc, if for no other reason but to keep them from treating her differently because of what they think she might have. The dad thinks it will make her a scientist, he’s wrong. This is a debiliating disease and the suffers are TRAPPED by their obsessions and compulsions.
If she DOES have it, she will need therapy and behavior modification to correct it and the sooner the better.

Hmmm… as a high school teacher, i was thinking about aspergers too as i read this. I would definately say that it is not just a case of being organised. Even just seeing a regular doctor and discussing would be worthwhile.

Yeah, sounds VERY much like OCD to me. At first I thought it sounded like normal stubbornness or like you said, her being spoiled, but after reading the whole thing, I really think you’re right. She should be evaluated by a psychologist.

You can’t be the parent but this behavior is WAY beyond the pale and the child needs to be seen by a highly skilled professional. Do what you can but realize it’s not your job.

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