Top ten rejected slogans for Ford?

10. “where quality is job…what, maybe 5..or 6”
9. “you might be a big class-action winner!”
8. “ford: because life is too predictable”
7. “our cars are built with love because our assembly-line workers enjoy unlimited cocktails”
6. “one out of every 50…

cute, have a star.

i really like #2, and #5. #3 is cute. the rest are funny too. i’ve always been against fords. you know Jesus is a Ford fan… He loved to walk. see what i mean? my husbands first car was a ford. he ended up seeling it because it was ideling weird. and it tore up everytime we seemed to get extra money. i had to do an assignment in 10th grade and one of the answers was henry ford. when i answered the question out loud in class i said ford with disgust in my voice, the teacher picked on me about it for the rest or the semester.

Ford, Hey, the F150 was originally designed by the guys that made Dodge.

First On Rubbish Dump

Funny! 😛 Ford is a way of saying Flat on Road Daily or Fix on…!

i love them i personally hate ford

Dodge is the only way to go

just like this

F*cked Over Rebuilt Dodge

I’d rather be Cummin than Strokin

plz dont report if this is extremely offensive to anyone i will tkae it off but i think its funny

LOL – we used to say “Fix Or Repair Daily” and “Found On Road Dead”… And I just looked at a Ford Edge Today.. 🙁

Just remember. When you can’t pay for a Chevrolet, you can’t afford a Ford.

I am a Chevy person! These would be a lot funnier if they were not so close to the truth!

hahaha!!!! i like ford too, but those are funny!!!

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