When is it safe to say you’re in love?

I’ve always wondered about this. I’m not asking when is it safe to say “I love you” to someone, but more along the lines of…when do you know you’re in love? When can you say you’re in love without doubting the truth of your own words? Can someone really know for sure?

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I just answered a question kind of like yours, so I’m pasting the link:)


You know what honey, I think that you will know when you really fall in love, it will be when you know that you only want good things for him/her. you put their needs before your own.
We all think it is for sure, and at the time we feel it,it feels for sure. And we all hope it will be forever, but love doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee and we do not know which paths our lives are going to take for sure.I think that if we worry about those things we can miss out on the real things in life. So when you feel like you are in love and the feeling is returned, then go for it. Love with all your heart and do the best you can in giving and receiving in the relationship and take the chance.
We aren’t given a whole lot of chances to find love and hold it in our hearts, so don’t worry about the word forever and and go on and live a beautiful life. Remember, it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

To me, love is when you truely care about someone; to an extent where you sacrifice things you normally wouldn’t. I know I’m in love because I stop noticing imperfections, or rather, have began to adore all of them. Love isn’t really something defined, It’s a feeling. You can be kind of happy, or kind of sad. Or you can be in love. It also doesn’t mean you always have to be. Trust me when I say, You’ll be happier if you do not overthink something so simple and complex.

There’s no safe date to say that you’re in love.

Love comes unexpectedly. Like mine. Love came to me unexpectedly. My life was boring that time (sooo boring. Everything has a schedule. Computer, drawing, eat, sleep, watch TV…everyday!)

So, love sometimes come on times we don’t like, or don’t expect. The hard thing if you’re in love, is your role (and your love’s role) on your love story. Are you the protagonist and meant for the girl/boy? Or are you the antagonist who is the rival?

i must say, judging by what i have read on yahoo answers, it seems to me that people who find the lord are the most happy and satisfied with the love they find in the lord. otherwise, for me personally, it was when i was able to love someone regardless of their feelings for me. I have loved. Love is a verb, the feeling we get with that is a noun… oh i have no idea. but i think it might when you wake up in the morning excited to see a new day because you might see him. it is when it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are with him.

I love you

Love is making the kind of sacrifices that are so pure they make selflessness look like the devil.

i’m going to wipe my love off of my belly with my t shirt

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